Freeze and Crash B2

I have the B2 Handsome Edition. Have 2 characters. This problem only affects 1 of those. My Lv72 Axton is just fine… But when I load in my Lv15 Siren as Im loading into Sanctuary just as it starts loading in it freezes and hums before completely crashing to the home-screen. Both of these have been involved in co-op missions… I can however play her if I wait and accept an invite from a friend. She loads in just fine but if I try and continue on my own she will not load at all.

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I wish you the best of luck

Weird. I would suggest that you load in on someone’s co-op game, progress to a different map, save-quit and then try resuming solo from outside Sanctuary. I would also suggest you do the power reset (XB1) or clear system cache (360) as appropriate just in case there’s some stale data doing something weird.

If none of that works, I suggest you file a support ticket

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