Freeze/Crash during Takedown, every single time

During the last week I’ve completed the Takedown many times without a single issue.

Since yesterday I started having stuttering issues (never had these before either) and now every time I try to do a Takedown the game just freezes, either on the first mini-boss at the gate, or at Valkyries. The only option I can do afterwards is to shut it off from the Task Manager.

So far I’ve had 12 tries and 12 crashes. Now this is confusing since until yesterday I haven’t experienced a single problem. I would very much appreciate if someone could shed a bit of light on this issue.

All of my settings are on low and haven’t been changed at all since I started playing BL3.

As for my system:
Intel i5-6600
GTX 960
Game is installed on an SSD

What mayhem level are you playing on? There is a bug with higher mayhem level modifiers causing the game to crash.

I’m on PS4, Mayhem 6, and the lag was so bad tonight I had to quit.

No crashes or freezes, just huge spikes and lots of weird BS happening. Very frustrating.

Looks like Mayhem 10 modifiers were the cause of crashes. I rerolled them and managed to complete it without crashing.

As for mods I managed to finish Mayhem 10 with:
Healy Avenger
Laser Fare
Dazed and Infused