Freezing during auto-save!

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Ok so about a year ago I tried to solve this issue with a ticket and the response that I received was less than satisfactory. They told me it was because of Sony’s latest patch. Well a few patches for the PS4 later and guess what, the problem is still there! So I am reaching out to the community for help because you guys and gals seem to be smarter than the tech team, so here is what happens. Every time my auto-save feature is triggered my screen freezes. Sound stays active and the PS4 is fully functional including being able to to start a different app/game while the game is still open. Now I have only had this happen in Borderlands 2 but it does not happen a any specific point in the game it happens everywhere. I have tried everything I could think of, including reinstall of digital copy and disc copy and even tried to wipe out all data from my system and start from scratch and I am still having the same problem only now I am stuck with an eyeless whining claptrap. Please if anyone has an idea of how to fix it please help!

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I’m still having this problem on PS4 and I have no idea how to fix it I sent a ticket to gearbox but I got a response of them saying they have no idea what it is all they told me to do was try reinstalling the game which didn’t work did you figure out a workaround or how to fix it?

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Sorry I didn’t track the tread but it stopped happening for about 3 months but I don’t remember what I did or even if it was me that did it and now it is happening again if you found anything that might help since you posted please send help

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How old is the Hard Drive in your PS4? Generally most typical Hard Drives last for only about 4 years before they start giving problems. If you’ve never had any crashing issues with your PS4 before and suddenly out of nowhere your console starts crashing regularly then it could be an indication that the Hard Drive is starting to die. If your PS4 (or more accurately the Hard Drive in your PS4) is more than 4 years old then it might be time to get a new Hard Drive.

You will have to replace the internal Hard Drive. Switching to an external Hard Drive won’t help, because the PS4 system software is still run from the internal Hard Drive. So if the internal Hard Drive is acting up then you’re going to encounter problems even when using an external drive.