Freezing Fist Flynt Build Video

Try it my way, you’ll like it :wink:


This build entirely uses the Facepuncher essentially, yeah? Then Violent Momentum- Zanes best skill- is entirely wasted. Move the points into Cold Bore to improve Unforgiven Crit Swapping, maybe?
Could also get a low level Snowshoe and use the Sntl Status Field (and maybe a Trans Fusion grenade) to spam the Snowballs?

facepuncher gets gun damage, which violent momentum provides.

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Also boosts the white elephant damage I believe. Shoot, run around, stickies get increased damage.

That is what happens on my melee facepuncher Zane build.

What is happening when you have your echo out?

I swear you said in your build review it didnt get gun damage boosts?

Also this is just a thought l but maybe the Hustler may be better here? We arent using PD and we are killing things pretty fast already- is this the Hustler build we are looking for?

If I did I misspoke, if you have a time stamp I could look at it lol. Also this video was posted before hustler came out, seein dead is probably still better. We have no problem killing or freezing things at all, so there’s no reason to change to hustler imo. You only sacrifice damage.

What, crit swapping? Are you serious?

What for do you need low level Snowshoe?
SNTNL Static field with clone and barrier?
Quick breather and Shadenfreude refill shield fast and easy

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I’m pretty sure you’re mixing up gun damage and shotgun damage bonus

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Damage, survivability and comfort of playing

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