Freezing/lagging problem

For the past two weeks or so, on and off, my game’s been having lag/freezing problems. It locks up for about 5-10 seconds each time, somewhat like a stutter. I’ve been playing for months and this just started happening within the past two weeks.

My internet shouldn’t be the problem - the problem occurs both online and offline, and everything else runs smoothly. A full reinstall last night fixed the problem, but today I got on again and it had started again.

So far I’ve tried reinstalling, verifying integrity of game cache, disabling/lowering PhysX, checking for driver updates, and tweaking the ini. I’m at a total loss.

There’s a few threads revolving around trouble shooting such issues in this section, and we do have some helpful PC folks around. Meanwhile, it would be helpful if you could post basic info like which OS and version, GPU, driver version, etc.

Also, are you running with additional screen capture, chat, or performance monitoring software? If so, you might want to try running just the game with vanilla settings, then gradually introduce things back in to see what makes a difference.

You can also file a support ticket here:

- if there’s a known issue with a recent system or driver update, they might have more information on it.