Freezing on a mission in Gehenna

just doing The Blastplains - Miracle Elixir Fixer, using amara. non-stoping freezing, and pop up, fatal error… i didn’t know what it is, keep freezing crash.

get many freezing in gehenna, amara, i didn’t know it’s related to certain character or not, but i am just using amara currently.

lowerlevel… D3D … " Hung" or similar word. pls take concern on this, i can’t play at gehenna

R9 380x

it’s not only a mission, but doing any thing can happen at gehenna, it is just about how frequent or interval it will freeze

I played the game on PS4 and PC. Performance was bad in both cases, with the worst lags in Gehenna. If you will search the net and this forum, you will find some advices you may try like this for example (copy from other thread):
“Find GameUserSettings.ini file under My Games/Borderlands 3/Saved/Config/WindowsNoEditor/ and this setting:
There are apparently three values for this setting: -1 effectively gives priority to texture streaming at the expense of smooth FPS, 0 lessens the streaming boosts, and 1 gives priority to FPS at the expense of streaming (you’ll notice textures more noticeably “rezzing in”, honestly not unlike what I’ve seen in BL1 and BL2 in my experience so it doesn’t bother me much). My initial value was set to -1 (no idea if that’s the actual default) but after setting it to 1, my stutters and hiccups are mostly eliminated.”

No guarantee it will help in your case though.

it is beyond my knowledge, i didn’t want to edit any game file under taking any risks to cure the issue. but thank ur info.