Freezing on PS4 [Last GBX Response #523]

Today my Handsome collection has frozen twice. First was right after traveling to the area with RK5 and again in Concordia after being there for about 5 minutes. The game stops all audio and freezes, but I’m still able to hit the ps button and go to the play station 4 home screen and do anything, so it appears it’s just my game. This hasn’t happened at all until today so I’m not sure if it’s an isolated incident with only my system or if it has to do with the update.


This just happened to me I beat DeathTrap in his final form doing the Pre Sequel Claptrap DLC and i was picking up loot. Now my game is frozen, like you I can go to the ps4 menu but I can do nothing in game. I may have to restart the game but I don’t want my loot to dissapear.

Yes i had it freeze on me. Right after i left the sentinel area.

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Happened again. this time i was fighting Eclipse and he had about 1/3 of his health. i’ve been playing for about an hour and the fight wasn’t in a particularly system-intensive part of the battle (aka not many weapons firing or doing much damage). Its frustrating because this hasn’t happened to me before and I lost all my stacks of duchess which make the fight a lot easier. any official reply or notice would be appreciated

I’ve had the same issue. It started yesterday and I can’t play for longer than 10 / 15 minutes before it freezes (mainly occurring at the last boss battle). It’s really frustrating as I’m loosing rewards / loot every time it cuts out and I’m forced to come off the game and reload it. An official reply or suggestion would be much appreciated.

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I am also suffering from my PS4 randomly freezing, I think the main offender is the Claptastic Voyage DLC, the odds of it freezing increase incrementally when ever I’m in “Sub-Conscious” and getting nearer to Shadow Trap/EOS. But I’ve also had the game freeze on me a few times outside of the DLC.

I’ve been suffering A LOT of freezing lately and I hadn’t understood why but your comment made me realize I’m also playing the Claptastic Voyage DLC, so that’s the only difference. Before it might freeze once in a while, somewhat rarely. Now though, EVERY session I am almost guaranteed to have the game freeze. It’s frozen on me 4 times in the span of like an hour and a half, it’s nuts.

And now I’m getting really fed up because I’m on the last combo of mutator/modifier for the “Gift that Keeps on Giving” trophy and the game has frozen on me twice, including once where Shadow-trap was literally like two seconds from death. I wanted to flip a table.

I’ve been trying to collect vault symbols in Tycho’s Ribs but the game just won’t let me, every time I reach the retro section to collect the second symbol the game crashes. It wouldn’t be so bad if you could save the game just before the area where it crashes, but you can’t so I have to start the level from the beginning every time.

Claptastic Voyage is crashing a lot since last update, before all I had was sound issues, now I have crashing and sound issues.

Some users report the PS4 freezes while playing games. This can lead to lost progress and plenty of frustration for gamers. This is a common problem, but does not appear to be widespread. There are two main things users should do if this happens.

The first thing to do is look for any PS4 updates. Sony periodically releases new software for the PS4 that fixes bugs and performance issues. This could fix PS4 freezing for many users that may have skipped an update.

If the PS4 freezes after playing it for extended periods make sure it is not overheating. If it is in an enclosed entertainment center or it is not on a smooth surface it may be overheating. If this is the case moving the PS4 to a more open area could prevent freezing during long gameplay sessions.

I was getting a lot of freezes during game play, and posted a topic about it on here. I was advised to do a full reinstall.

I deleted the game, but kept the saves. Reinstalled the game and downloaded the 9gb patch, and since then, not a single freeze.

TPS has frozen three or four times on me. Once in Mario spot in Tycho’s ribs, once in Titan industrial, and a few times it’ll lock on the main menu if I open up the PS menu to send someone a message.

Tps on ps4 still is freezing randomly for me. It sucks cause i wanna play this game but this ruins my experience espicially when i lose good gear.

I’m holding this idea to you man. I hope this works (trying to farm Shadow-Trap is soo annoying) I keep getting to the third round and then -freezes- ah man I really…really want Shadow-Trap head for Claptrap D:

Added- Annnnnd and still froze on me…sigh of course the head I want is in the DLC area, which is having issues with freezing.

i have freeze issues with tycho and felicity rampant and a few other random spots.

also i’ve noticed odd script discrepencies when on dp runs. spider ant varieties performing attacks of other spider ant classes. skags with excamation marks over head. enemies getting stuck half way under ground (also with varkids at farm). collision detection seems to have gotten a bit weird.

That’s rather interesting you’re getting freezing issues over there, my main freeze spots have to do with the DLC (Claptastic) mainly the mutator arena. I think it’s cause there’s so much crap going on in that area (waves of enemies) and the game just can’t handle it.

mob density doesn’t seem to matter. i haven’t been in clappy dlc so don’t know if i’d experience similar problems.

sompin bad slipped thru QA

Something needs to be done about this freezing issue. I have played through the game once with no issues. Now, I can’t play for more than 20 minutes and the damn thing freezes. This doesn’t happen with any other games, so it doesn’t seem to be a PS4 thing. I started having issues in Tychos Ribs, but now I can’t play anywhere without the game freezing.

Hugely frustrating. Guess I will have to play Little Big Planet with the kids. : p

Playing co-op this past week, in TPS I froze twice while fighting Shadowtrap (my friend was hosting), then last night his game froze in BL2 while fighting the warrior in UVHM (he was hosting again).

Edit: and today: going to do Loot Haxorz, get to the Cortex, freeze immediately. Rejoin him, were on the mutator where you lose health constantly but get full life after a kill, last enemy of the final wave doesn’t spawn/is glitched, we both die. Taking a break for while til they fix this stuff.