Freezing on PS4 [Last GBX Response #523]

It may turn out to be one of those things that’s “simple” once you find it, but locating the source has got to be the proverbial needle-haystack problem. I’d also forgotten that there’s an architecture change involved as well, at least on the Xbox side (not sure about the Sony side - was/is the PS3 x86?)

I hope this is still getting fixed, i bought BHC recently and i read this thread while i was downloading the game, ran TPS today, did 2 EOS runs with my save and game allready froze after 2nd run right before i started picking loot. kinda worried, didnt expect it happening that fast. :frowning:

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Adding a quick update.

We made some good progress over the break and we expect to have the patch, to address these crashes, released by the end of January.

We will continue to update with any further developments.


Excellent news!

That is excellent news, can you share any info on the underlying cause of this problem or is that classified for the time being :grinning:?

Unfortunately, that is classified for the time being.

I would like to go more into what was done to fix this once we have the patch out for all of you to experience


Fair enough :smile:.

That is great news! Im glad its going well, thank you for the update. :slight_smile:

BTW, are you able to say if this next patch will fix the connection issues that were caused by the 1.03 patch - as well as sorting out the ones which have been there since launch? It’s ok if you can’t at this time, I’m just curious :smile:.

Also, will any of the problems I’ve listed here be fixed with this next patch?: Big Update Coming to Borderlands: The Handsome Collection on October 29, 2015

Great to hear! My friend’s just got THC recently and it’d be great to not have to play around this problem anymore, especially in co-op. Thank you for the progression.

Recently I combined most of the recommended ways to decrease freezing (turning off Oz notifications, staying away from story lasers, having a side mission active in freeze prone areas) and after about 3 hours of gameplay I have yet to get a freeze. I don’t know if this was just dumb luck but it certainly made me feel a bit better about the whole thing. Let me know if you guys still get freezes with the aforementioned all applied.

Fantastic. :+1:

A friend and I have been running gaige, and find that pete’s bar has been freezing on us. This was brawl prep for killing pete raid. We had a number of freezes after completing a brawl and unfortunately with pete after his shield was stripped and 80% health.

There are a number of audio miscues as well, with a voice like murderlin taking damage while running the mines of avarice. Now the sound issues are things I never quite remember happening (solo) and maybe that’s just lag.

either issue may be something completely different, but maybe no if there is common code…

Same thing happened to me yesterday.The game froze at the starting of the brawl prep 2 times and when i finished the brawl I went for killing Pete. I stripped his shield and i was going to start from his health and then the game froze again. And this was in solo mode. :frowning:

Yeah, it will freeze on me to in the same spot, stripped shield and about 25% health left.

I farmed Pyro Pete last night for the first time in ages and managed to kill him twice without issue but on the third run, the game froze only moments after I’d removed his shield and he was in the middle of his Corrosive Nova. This was on Playthrough 3 with an OP 8 Maya using a Bee/Hawk/Legendary Cat Class Mod combo. After a Respec that removed Converge from my active skills, I managed to go another 30-60mins without issue then I moved onto something else.

Pyro Pete’s Bar and the Engineer’s Ring (where you fight Hyperius) are the only areas in BL2 that give me any issues with freezing, I can spend hours in the rest of the game without issue but the Bar and Ring will freeze up regularly.

Is there any word on if this particular freezing problem will be sorted with the next patch?

I am having frequent problems playing the game and so is my friend who i am co-oping with.

Axton character- level 56.
Pete the invincible mission was the worst experience, although there were some other freeze issues in the Torgue DLC.
Gear wise - all purples and some exotics. I will check on my character when i am at my console and update this further.


Has today’s 3.15 Firmware update made any difference to this problem? I ask because the last Firmware Update fixed it for some people so was wondering if this latest one has had the same effect.

I’d be curious to know as well. Feel free to sound off you’d like to, guys and gals!

EDIT: To clarify, I’d like to know if anyone has experienced major changes (be they improvements or not) w/ the new PS firmware 3.15 update.

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It’s still freezing in the beatdown bar and while fighting Invincible Pete. Very frustrating.