Fremington's Edge in TPS

So I just finished “Don’t Shoot the Messenger” with my main toon in TVHM. Wasn’t really concerned with the parts or stats. Never really used the Edge in BL2, felt sorta gimmicky and I don’t like Hyperion snipers much. Took my shiny new Edge out to do some Moonstone farming… Does the Edge not have the typical Hyperion sway before firing? I swear the reticle was dead on, rock steady, all the time. Lvl 50 Wilhelm, Lvl 49 Edge, Stanton’s Liver. Am I loosing my mind, or is the Edge better in TPS than it was in BL2?

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If it is pinpoint accurate from the get-go I might have to farm a few when the PS4 version doesn’t crash anymore.

I need to verify…

I only had a few minutes to screw around with it this morning before work. I need to find another Hyperion sniper to compare it with and make sure it’s the Edge, not Wilhelm. I think the only other sniper I kept was the Buffalo. Still should be a good control, although being Jakobs and No Scope introduce variables…

Also: I miss S&S!

Also of note: the Edge has extra scoping and an additional 75% crit bonus when scoped in. Pretty good Sniper.

Do you have the stability accessory on yours ? ( it looks a bit like a shotgun vertical grip) since it corrects recoil and the initial sway is considered recoil in the Hyperion gimmick, it might explain the behavior.

I think I might have had one or two with that accessory, but I’m usually more of a “test fire it” than “examine the parts” person. I’ve liked all the ones I’ve had, and I usually make a point of taking that mission either on the way through (normal) or after main story (TVHM). One of the first ones I had did work particularly well with Wilhelm, giving me plenty of one-shot critical kills down through Tycho’s Ribs, but it’s been a while and I have no idea how I was specced at the time. I think it’s always worth picking up because it’s an easy side-quest to complete; if the parts don’t roll well for you, you can always grind it with a couple of other blues.

Uniques cannot be grinded. Unless the Fremington is the exception of the rule?

Uniques can, indeed, be ground. There are some oddities around that (which I haven’t fully explored) but you can certainly grind Fremington’s Edge, Gwen’s Other Head, Vibrapulse, Kiss of Death, the Moxxie shield and a bunch of others. The odd blue rarity items I know for sure you can’t grind are mission items (Winged Release for example.) Some of them may be items that are treated by the game as a different rarity to the colour of their item card.

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I knew about the ADS crit multiplier and increased zoom, just never used it much in BL2 because of the sway. Couldn’t abide wasting ammo in a sniper to get the reticle to settle, in an SMG or Shotty it’s not so critical.

No stability accessory that I recall. Will have to verify this evening when I retest.

Wasn’t concerned with level because I’m still in TVHM. Waiting to 50 won’t help once (if) I hit 70. I’ll pass it down to the next toon in line when she gets to 49… Just wish it was Shock or Cryo not Corrosive.

Another option is to dashboard-farm it: the quest is turned in in town, very close to the fast travel so it’s a pretty quick load.

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OK, I did some testing last night. The Hyperion sway is present when I ADS, but it steadies much faster than I remember from my hours of BL2 game play on the 360. Almost instantaneous sway reduction with the Edge. I was right, the only other sniper on that toon was the Buffalo, not a great comparison. Tried to get some Hyperion snipers out of the grinder and vending machines with no luck…

I also need to load up BL2 and see if I’m “misremembering” the excessive sway. Will give me an excuse to finally transfer a few saves over to my One. Now if I can just remember which mule has the sniper rifles…