French Community Report 10/29/2015 Updates Issues PS3


Dear Community Sponge :wink:

I’m starting this threads today to report here all issues our french community is sharing on our french forum .

I will use this terms :

  • Game mode (aka NVHM, TVHM or UVHM)

  • player mode (aka solo, coop split screen or coop online)

  • location of the bug (name of the area)

  • nature and circumstances of the bug.

Thank you for reading and sharing with GBX teams

We love this game !!

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  • GM : NVHM and TVHM

  • PM : solo and coop split screen (2 players)

  • locations : Hyperion Bridge, Wildlife Exploitation Preserve, The Highlands and other locations

  • multi freezes with differents circumstances (inside Vending Machines, when accessing Backpack, simply exploring maps…). Player forced to reboot the game.

  • GM : UVHM

  • PM : solo offline and solo online

  • Locations : anywhere

  • maps and characters are loading much more slower, multi freeze issues without any reasons.

Sounds great! Thanks! :smile:

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Thank you and the teams so much for your support ! :relaxed:

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Well, last evening I played with some friends, and we had sooooo many freezes :cry:

In the first 15 min of play, 2 players online :

  • I freezed just by joining my friend’s game.

  • Then, I joined him, played for 2 min and freezed again when I killed a Bullymong in Three Horns Divide.

  • I joined him again, we fast travelled to the Badassassaurus Rex, and my friend freezed at the very beginning of the fight…

The 30 min of following play, 3 players online, a friend freezed 2 times and I freezed 4 times more (I was the host) and then I gave up cause I was pissed off… :weary:

Please tell the teams how it’s annoying since the last update to freeze so many times :sob:

thanks again for reading .

Sorry to hear this, @Adrion54. Believe me, we totally understand how frustrating this can be. Have you contacted out support team yet by chance? ( )

I will do it ^^
thks Sir !

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Hi there,
I already contacted the support team,but the answers they gave me didn’t change anything.
I even clear the PS3’s cache,but still got that issue.
My main problem is the “freezing”,it’s such a spoiler that i stopped playing that cool game…

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I stopped to play BL2 as well because of those freezes that happens anytime and everywhere in the game, and much more as we’re playing in Coop mode… :rage:

Since the last 3 updates (I think the update with the Cross Save function for PS4 was the beginning of multi freezes issues), I don’t enjoy anymore playing BL2.

As NewGen platforms seems to have less issues, I wonder if OldGen player’s issues aren’t “forgotten” in order to make them buy NewGen platforms…:unamused:

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