French Community Report 10/29/2015 Updates Issues Xbox


Dear Community Sponge :wink:

I’m starting this threads today to report here all issues our french community is sharing on our french forum .

I will use this terms :

  • Game mode (aka NVHM, TVHM or UVHM)

  • player mode (aka solo, coop split screen or coop online)

  • location of the bug (name of the area)

  • nature and circumstances of the bug.

Thank you for reading and sharing with GBX teams

We love this game !!

PS : I’ll start a thread like this for each plateform so, you know, please don’t be mad at me !! :wink:

here is our first report :

  • GM : UVHM

  • solo game

  • at game menu (where you choose your character to play)

  • game have freeze 5 times, the player was forced to reboot his console each time