French voices not available?

Voices are only available in English ???

In the orignal game, all voices was 100% localised, French, Germa, and others …

Please do anything for that, i need a complete immersion, Homeworld is my favorite game, can’t play with subtitle :frowning:

Nope no french , german voices etc… However those can be readded per mod out of the old original disks… But there might be situations where they break up due to certain delays within the scripts as sentences differ in length in the different languages… There’s already a german mod that re added the german voice lines… Lets hope there are french modders out there as well. Or contact that German modder and ask him kindly what needs to be replaced etc. then you could do it for yourself and your fellow frenchies…

If anyone has kept a Frenchspeech archive or his original HW and HW2 CDs, I’d be happy to join efforts. I had a look at ebay offerings but there is not even a single half decent price there for the old French CDs.

Missing French voices is a pity because for once they were better than the English ones (a feat Relic also achieved with DoW I) and because I cannot play HWRM with my daughter with only subtitles. So again if anyone has the French archive, do not hesitate to pm me and we’ll get this to work.

Hello guys

Here are the frenchspeech.big and French.big files from HW2 1.1


unfortunately, i lost my HW1 French CD a couple years ago :frowning:

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

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Many thanks!

Edit: it works fine as is in HW2C. I will test it in HWR this weekend.