Frenzy is bugged with new pets

New 4th skill tree pets (all of bots) incorrectly work with Frenzy Hunter skill. For example, old pets will proc “Frenzy” stacks. Second variant of getting frenzy stacks - with he bites, when enemies attack our pet. Bur its viable only with “taunting” Fl4K com or with “Not My circus” green passive ability. For example, war loader proc Frenzy only with Attack command and when enemies attack this pet, shotgun and copied grenade dont deal “damage” and frenzy isnt working. 100% sure its not a mechanic of new skill trees or new DLC, just same old bug like year ago.
P.S. This is letter from Julio, 2K support team. Very professional, isnt it?

Sorry for HDR bug, another borderlands 3 “glitch”/ In game hdr is Off, in Lg nano 866 true hdr on and in Windows 10 hdr on. I tried to rec. with mirrilis action, instead of Geforce expirience, but i have same results only in Borderlands 3)

I noticed this… wasn’t sure if it was a graphical glitch (because the icon isn’t on the HUD) or it’s actually not triggering.