Frequency of Zero Score / Mission Progress Recorded PVE Glitch

Ok so I have had a couple weird glitches or bugs happen for me now a few times when doing PVE with friends (which is still very rare for me).

One is passing the mission, you keep the gear you’ve got, but the game does not record you passing the mission on that difficulty level on my career screen.

For example, over the weekend, me, @slif_one and 3 other people from the forums took a break from PVP and did the Experiment on Advanced Hardcore.

We passed it, but I (and I think a couple others) got the zero score at end of mission nor was the Experiment showed as being complete in either Advanced or Hardcore in my career stats.

I really want to finish every story mission on every difficulty for the trophies, but I am not very excited to do it if this is going to happen frequently.

Any tips / help?

Thanks in advance.

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It’s only happened to me twice ever. First time it corrected itself during the summary, second time I think something happened server-side (the negative score exactly equalling bonus points one). IDK how many matches that’s over since this thing started happening, but at least 20? Maybe more?

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Edited topic title to actually be Complete lol.


So the majority of the time it should not happen?

Some seem to get this frequently (Me…) some not so often.

I’ve also got a bunch of 0-0 scores in PvP, though I think that’s not connected - I recall seeing that way before the patch that broke this.

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I think it may depend on how stable your connection to the BB servers is generally.

@reliikki - do you have issues with lag, disconnections, etc. as well, or is it just the score thing you see?

(Australian players don’t read this!)

Well, usually no. I’m at green 99% of the time and only get the very occasional lag spike. I think I’ve only had one or two red bar matches ever.

i hadnt had much of this glitch until today. nearly every match today had 0, either pve, or pvp, with one or both teams score reading 0 (the outcome not affected, even if the winner was 0 and loser not)

i played a lot today. im glad i dont need this this much, but i can certainly see it being an issue, as some people i joined were going for clears/medals and it wasnt working :frowning:

edit: when i say a lot today, id say 9 out of ten games. it was bad. before, maybe 1 in 5

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They’ve known about this for weeks now, hundreds of screen shots on Steam.
For a bit I thought it was only teams of 3 but it happened to Riv and I yesterday. (2 person Attikus)

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■■■■, Gearbox, fix these issues so those of us who want to Platinum the game can get it done!

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F@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ING THIS!!! I am mainly a PVE player and I still do not have a medal on two of the advanced missions (have completed them at least 15 times combined). I believe they are Renegade and Experiment.

Completely unacceptable.

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Those are the same two I don’t have completed on Advanced and I KNOW Ive done them and the Experiment was the one we completed on Advanced Hardcore on the weekend that didn’t record for me.

I wonder if those two specific missions are bugged?

Don’t think it’s specific to any particular mode or mission. I’d be looking ar server communication issues, personally.

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The problem is that I play every PVE mission at least once a week (usually much more) and those are still the only two that I do not have a score for on advanced. Same for my GF.

While the issue is clearly not just these two maps, the number of times in a row that I have not received a score (only maps to have it happen multiple times in a row for me) seems too high to be a random occurrence. Whatever keeps going wrong, server wide, seems to be effecting these two maps especially hard. That or my experiences have been an EXTREME statistical deviance.

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