Frequent crashes etc

Ok so since Monday battleborn has been crashing at least once per session. The software freezes makes a weird noise and reboots.

Once on a splitscreen pvp mission started and kept saying refreshing play lists after the game had started. I could not move or open any menus. The only fix was to force quit the game.

Teammates have been reporting that the helix menu is blank and reads coming soon. The only fix has been to disconnect and reconnect.

I have been seeing a lot of player disconnects and reconnects. More so than last week or any time before.

Also still experiencing the command menu issue that has been around for over a month now I believe?

Anyone else having serious issues?

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Pretty much all of the above have happened recently.

Monument fails for me on a regular basis now, probably once every other game. Whenever this happens I also can’t rejoin the game - the screen goes black when I try and it throws me back to main menu.

I’ve also had the blank helix glitch, but it also completely prevented me from doing any actions - I could move and look, but couldn’t use any abilities, sprint, or reload (though firing my first magazine worked, apparently). I couldn’t rejoin that game either.

Yeah, the game has been freezing/DCing about 1 in every 5 games and kicking me back to the start screen. It’s pretty frustrating, especially when you go to load back in and end up getting a random character (which can sometimes turn out well).