Frequent Game Crash

I’m having a ton of crashing issues that I’ve tried to troubleshoot on my own but I’d like to ask for some help here. First off, my specs.

I’m pretty confident I should be able to run the game no problems. Especially considering my brother and roommate both have weaker machines than I do. My roommate has crashed once when we were in a mob dense area, but that’s it. Brother hasn’t crashed at all, we’ve all been playing together too.

Here’s what I’ve done. Updated my graphics card driver (The 9/10 one). Pumped all my settings down, especially texture streaming. Dropped from 4k to 1080 resolution. Alternated from borderless windowed to fullscreen. Played solo and online (when I played solo I played for about 5 minutes before crashing). I’ve got a clip of that crash when I was playing solo too, sorry for the fan noise.

I haven’t gotten anything useful from the crash messages. If there is something as simple as a link to help diagnose my crash messages, you’d be a life saver.

Would greatly appreciate any advice you guys could give me, loving the game so much but the crashing is frustrating.