Frequently Asked Questions Thread

Thought I’d compile a FAQ thread before an official one gets posted as to save time from having to scour through the forums. I’ll probably update the thread as new information trickles down. If you have new info or corrections, feel free to post here.

  1. What platforms will Battleborn be on?
    XBONE, PS4, PC(Steam) - No Mac or Linux announced

  2. What is Battleborn’s ESRB Rating?
    Somewhere between T and MA.

  3. What are the game modes announced?
    A 5-man story-based co-op campaign + 3 PvP modes of 5v5 gameplay

  4. Is it a 3-lane MOBA/DotA-esque game?
    The official name from GBX is “hero shooter” but it does take major influences from that style of gameplay, particularly the “Incursion” game mode. I don’t believe there will be a traditional Nexus/Ancient building (rather, there are boss NPC’s that are on each team’s base)

  5. What types of progression are there?
    You level up your Battleborn Character both in and outside the game (to unlock new customization options) as well as a “Command” progression that levels up your profile.

  6. How many characters are available with the base game?

  7. What game engine is used?
    Heavily modified UE3

  8. Average MP Game length?
    +/- 30 to 45 min

  9. How many maps are there?
    9+ PvE missions, PvP # not announced yet.

  10. Split-screen support?
    Yes for consoles, TBD for PC

  11. Which characters have been announced?
    The list

  12. Where can I preorder this baby?
    Right Here :smile:

  13. Release Date?
    “This Winter” - late 2015 or early 2016

  14. Can I play solo?

  15. Will Battleborn feature multiple difficulty settings?
    Yes, 2-4 difficulty tiers.


Will there be support for frame rates higher than 60?

With numero 10, I was under the impression split-screen had only been confirmed for consoles and not pc yet… if ever

So, the question is - why buy Battleborn when I can play Dota 2 and various mods, including “Hero Arena” that works exactly the same as what GBX is selling, for free?

Because this isdifferent.

  1. Better list which platforms, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Win PC (Steam). (No Mac or Linux at this time)

  2. No, see #3

  3. Splitscreen is only on consoles

  4. Release date is winter, so this could mean jan/feb 2016

  5. can i play solo, yes

  6. battleborn looks easy. difficulty settings have been set to low on gameplay demos, Battleborn will feature multiple difficulty settings (still in development 2 or 4 settings)

  1. Battleborn is an FPS
  2. Battleborn has full-length coop campaign
  3. Developed by Gearbox - Honestly as much as I love DotA2, hobbyist custom game developers can’t match the quality of a studio.
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What is SHIFT

From the looks of it you will be needing a SHIFT account for the upcoming Battleborn Beta.

Shift is our way to reward fans like you with additional in-game items for GBX games, such as Golden Keys, loot and other goodies.

If you link your Shift account to any given platform (PSN, Steam, Xbox Live) from within our games – not the site itself – you’ll receive digital goodies.

Upon linking your Shift account from in-game (Main Menu -> Extras -> Shift Code) the bonus will be automatically added to your inventory, not sent as a code in a separate e-mail. To verify whether or not you’ve received your bonus, return to the Main Menu then navigate back to the Shift Code screen – if you see a message under “My Offers” titled “Welcome to Shift!” then you’ll know you’ve got it!

For word of opportunities to obtain Shift codes, Keep an eye on and the Gearbox Software Forums as well as our Twitter and Facebook. You can also follow @SHiFTStatus on Twitter for the latest updates on the status of the Shift service.

NOTE: Shift is not used to redeem or activate pre-order bonuses like Premiere Club – that is handled separately by each platform’s respective online service. An Xbox Live Gold account is required to use Shift on Xbox.

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Sorry if this seems like a silly question but does anyone know what time this test starts in GMT as I’ve only seen it stated as 1pm EST and as I’m in the UK EST doesn’t count here…:stuck_out_tongue:Plus I’m useless at trying to figure out time differences…:smile::thinking:

1pm EST is 5pm in London. Here’s a tool to calculate it.


Thx gorgonaut much appreciated…:+1:

because DOTA is inferior.

Funny, but I used the ‘in house’ time difference calculator (Battleborn/News/CTT/ When is that in your time zone?) & it came out as 6pm local time, which for me is GMT. Time is such a tricky concept! I notice that USA changes from daylight saving on Nov 1st, whereas we here in GMT have already changed from our summer time (GMT+1) which may explain this discrepancy. I have it in mind that eastern USA is 5hrs difference from us, but maybe not at this specific small window between us ‘falling back’ & the USA following a few days later. So, let’s hope it’s 5pm GMT coz I can’t wait to get stuck in! :smiley:

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Ok I understand that but you guys won’t let me into said closed discussion and I have a few questions what should I do

Just hold onto your question until you get access. There is no rush!

I hey jeffybug, I opted to receive my code for ps4 but recently upgraded my pic and was wondering if there is any way to switch to pc? If not I’m not but butthurt, just curious if that’s possible. Haven’t redeemed my code yet as I just saw the email for it