Frequently Asked Questions Thread

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@skullkrusher777 Go ahead and cancel your registration on the RSVP site and then re-register. When you re-register, select PC and you should be all set.

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I have access to the beta, but I have not seen a shift code. It seems to be the same format as the Xbox code I redeemed to download the game. I no longer have that as it was an in-browser popup and I didn’t think I would need to save it. Don’t have access to the closed beta forums yet, so I’ll check there once I can get in.

(Dropg1988) #31

I see the game comes with 25 base heroes, but on release will all heroes be unlocked? Or will there be hero rotations while you unlock the heroes kinda like league of legends?

(QuantumString) #32

Is it possible on the beta to start campaign solo? If so I cannot seem to do it.

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Because DOTA is a piece of dinosaur ■■■■.

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The release date has been moved to May 2016

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Hey there !
Do we know if the physical copies of the game come with a Steam code like it’s regular these days ?

(brianleal) #36

Hey guys, is there ANY way for you developers to add in character creation? either with battleborn, or borderlands 3?? its a standard for most rpg’s to date, and EVEN action games like saints row have it/ The story is still centered around the character with the voice actor representing who the player created/ There’s no risk involved with the story/ just Get a male/ and female representation of the gender, and have them voice the main character’s lines’ as compared to giving players what the dev’s want the character to look like. What do yall think??

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That would make gearbox not gearbox for me.

(fugaciouslee) #38

After searching google and these forums to no avail I find myself making an account here to ask one simple question. Will this be available on the Xbox Live Marketplace for preorder? I would rather not buy a disc if I don’t have to.

(MentalMars) #39

I asked my 2K PR Friend and its coming soonish… so hang in there

(Mattiwarden) #40

I used a different psn account on my PS3 than I do on my PS4, can I still use the same shift account or do I have to make a new one?

(Future Battleborn Addict) #41

You CAN use the same shift account if you want. In order to do that, you need to visit Shift’s website, login to your shift account, and unlink your old PSN account. From there, simply link up your new PSN account that you want to use and you’re golden!

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Thanks for responding!

(Dregojax) #43

Seems like Battleborn will require a constant web-connection… For what i know, it’s means that we won’t be able to put the game on Rest-mode on Ps4? am i (sadly) right?

(Jjand302) #44

That’s a really good question. I imagine you can in main menu but in the middle of a story map? Hm.

(info73) #45

I prefer single-play, so will this game of any satsifaction? i assume the single-play-mode is just some tut with 5 hours gameplay and the main focus will be PVP?

(shuttle127) #46

You’ll be able to play the story mode single player, which is 9 episodes of 30-45 minutes approximately (depending on difficulty setting). Then you can play the multiplayer modes with bots (up to 4 more on your team and 5 on the other) if you want to. There’s a decent amount of loot to pickup throughout the story and the multiplayer modes, so if you’re into that it’ll be a good chunk of time doing that. And I’m only talking for 1 character here; there are 25 total and another 5 (at least) on the way, so you can experience the whole game by yourself many times over if you’re so inclined. To do that, you need to play a lot to up your command rank to unlock some of the characters. Check out MentalMars’ post on his site to see what ranks you need to achieve to unlock everyone. You can also do challenges (which may be harder solo) to unlock the characters. I did a fair amount of soloing in the Closed Technical Test last year, so it’s definitely a fun experience still. Hope this helps, apologies for the wall of text.