Frequently Asked Questions Thread

(info73) #47

thx. for the heads-up, this’ll help^^!

(Dregojax) #48

As a father of really young ones, its a break dealer for me…

(Jjand302) #49

Haha, you and me both.

( #50

is there anyway we could get an update on when the preorder for battleborn be available on the Xbox store. I’ve been waiting for a while for it to come out

(Alpha and Omega) #51

Is anything known about Exp in one of the pvp modes?
Do we get it over time or only with hero or minion kills,
is it shared or only for the most damage or last hit,
how much snowballing will be caused thru kills?

(TheFunfighter) #52

In the ctt it was on hero and minion kills, and hero assists. And also a lot by building structures. In the ctt it snowballed a lot, but they said that they fixed it.

(Mattiwarden) #53

I think the idea was meant to be whenever you do something good for your team you get xp. So you can do whatever you do, and as long as you’re doing well, you’ll be getting xp.

(Logie108) #54

I will be playing on ps4 and I was wondering a couple of things.

  1. My friend and I both have each others profile on both our PS4s. Will all progress be on the server or will I need to use PSN cloud to play couch co-op at his house or vise versa?

  2. Will the game be able to pause ever? Obviously it can’t while connected to online players but it should be possible during single player or couch co-op.

(Jjand302) #55

Both of these questions have been pose else where but still no answer

(Alpha and Omega) #56

Will there be servers in Europe (in the beta and later)?
If yes will there be extra servers for Russia?

(Benedict Informant) #57

What sort of company don’t put Servers in Europe?

(iPayUrFrenZ on PS4) #58

What does CC refer to in Battleborn?

(MentalMars) #59

The term CC can be found on Gear CC stands for ‘Crowd Control’ these are the status effects like Slow or Stun.

(Alpha and Omega) #60

The same as most games: Crowd Control (stuns, root, fear, silence and stuff)

(iPayUrFrenZ on PS4) #61

Thanks, I figured it out myself but it took a while. lol

(MentalMars) #62

Save data is stored on the server. (Your Open Beta Progress does not carry over to the retail game)

During single player story mode you can pause the game, but your game lobby is still hosted online and has a timer. A mission can take from 30 to 50 minutes to complete depending on your play style. A private story mode lobby in the early access has an up time of 2 hours or so. That is more then enough time to complete the mission, but not if you pause it go pick up your son from school, visit your wife at work, go shopping and then want to continue playing (yes this happend to me)

(dominikbrogli) #63

it will also be a possibility to play across platforms. So computer and PlayStation together. one could also provide an opportunity to disable this.

(Lekink) #64

will you wipe the everything when open beta close??? I like this game, I will pre-orded. but I dont wanna waste my time, plz answer me XD

(Ysong0424) #65

I’m now playing open beta on PS4, and so far so good. I will pre-order it for sure. However, I’m not sure if my progression in open beta will be brought to the game when it is officially released. Can anyone answer this question?

(SolusHD) #66

I am fairly confident that the Beta progression and the Full Release progression will be 2 separate entities. The Beta was a way for gearbox to get some last minute feedback. You might get something in the full release if you have the beta listed on your played games list something small like a piece of gear or a exclusive skin or something. Its not a waste of time to play it as it is a insight into the actual game and you get to help make it better.