Frequently Asked Questions Thread

(Ysong0424) #67

Sad. But thanks for the explanation!

(SolusHD) #68

I honestly don’t feel like its sad I prefer it this way.

(info45) #69

Hi-can the multiplayer have a vertical split screen? Also how do you hide maps?

(Insanity Incarnate ) #70

How do I enable cross region play? one of my best friends is in Australia and we can’t connect to each other’s in game party. we tried so many things together. Changing online status, joining, inviting, changing party settings, checking NAT type, etc

(Alpha and Omega) #71

Can I unlock characters that need 5 wins with faction x in bot pvp games or campaign mode?
(I don’t mean over the combat rank)

([Eye in the sky]) #72

For the pure sake of acquiring gear packs and pieces:

which mode has a better ratio of invested time vs reward?

(Alpha and Omega) #73

How can melee characters crit?

(SolusHD) #74

You can do it through the campaign. You do not need to play PVP to do it but bot games do not count for the unlocking just public pvp or a pve game will.

(Quil_Nye) #75

isn’t Will there be a reset for ps4 once game launches a FAQ?

(Momo 512) #76

I pre-ordered the Digital deluxe edition, and wanted to know, should I keep the files of the beta (I was thinking of something like starting the download, pause, copy/paste the files of the beta on the Battleborn folder), knowing that I will have to download the rest of the game on launch ?

And does anyone know if we can download the game pre-launch to be ready to play it directly for the launch (like the beta) ?

(ThatRedRobot) #77

I have a few questions, hopefully someone here can help me out. What causes minions to gain overshields? Is it the accelerator? I honestly can’t tell. On the same note, I’ve received overshields randomly too, once again I’m not certain what triggers this but it feels important. When your team gets a bunch of kills the announcer says “Power Play” does this actually influence anything?

I’d appreciate somebody clearing these questions up for me! :slight_smile:

(stalrok) #79

will playstation plus be required to play multiplayer? it wasn’t for the beta but I have seen on other boards that people have said that it will be needed. I hope not, but I would like confirmation if possible.

(Answers aplenty in the by and by.) #80

The Beta files are officially useless to you now, you can do with them as you wish.

As far as pre-loading, if you’re on console, I believe you can download it already (or at least it shows up on mine, anyway.) If not, you should be able to begin downloading the day before.

(ThatRedRobot) #81

I’ve got an obscure question. Is the amount of exp you get for building/upgrading structures flat? (Or does it scale with the cost of the building) The reason I ask is because I was wondering if it’d be possible to purchase some cheap gear at the start of the game that either gives you bonus shards or decreases the cost of building. That way, you could snowball and level up faster by upgrading buildings over and over? It’s another question whether or not the initial cost of the gear will be worth the bonus shards/reduction in the long run, but I was wondering if such a strategy is possible.

(Answers aplenty in the by and by.) #82

The costs are flat, yes. That strategy is not only possible, but you can safely bet that whomever on the other team is in charge of building is doing it as well.

(Logie108) #83

It is not a flat rate. You can see the xp it produces just above your health bar. It scales up per higher tier buildable. You can watch a video on YouTube to confirm.

(Mattiwarden) #85

I think just stab/slash/punch them in the head

(Quil_Nye) #86

I just read on forums someone say you need a PS+ membership to play is that true? I already pre-ordered if I need PS+ I won’t be able to play. Also if I need PS+ how do I get my money back?

(Mattiwarden) #87

Pretty much every game requires playstation plus or xbox live to play online. I haven’t seen anything specifically on the topic, but my guess is you can play private matches and story without ps+, but you need it to go into matchmaking. This is just my assumption, so don’t quote me on this, sorry I don’t know more.

(Quil_Nye) #88

Warframe is multiplayer and is not PS+. There is also an Anima thing there is Planet side2 and a few others Point is there are plenty that do not require playstation plus. I didn’t read anything at purchase about playstation plus being a requirement. In-fact it shouldn’t even allow you to purchase it if playstation plus is required. I love this game I would love to play it but I am not a + member.