Frequently Asked Questions Thread

(Weyrd) #89

What’s the reason you don’t have PS+? Cost about the price of a game for a year sub and you get free games every month.

Not saying there aren’t valid reasons for forgoing membership, but all in all it’s not a bad deal.

(Mattiwarden) #90

Sony decided to make the switch to requiring ps+ when they released the ps4, here’s an article explaining it There’s some weird rules where they don’t require it for F2P and MMOs. You can still log in to Battleborn and play private matches, you just can’t play online. Destiny was the same way, in which you could do all the missions and access social spaces without ps+, but you couldn’t go into the crucible (pvp) or do strikes (matchmade 3 player missions). I’m not exactly sure on microsoft’s online model, but I think Xbox live has been doing it this way for years.

(Quil_Nye) #91

its a scam that’s why. I play a bunch of different games that are solo offline types but I do play a few online and spend money like warframe for example I have probably dumped about $300+ on that 1 game with in-game purchases I do it because I enjoy the game. I also spent $400 on the console and whatever the upfront cost of all the solo games I have bought which usually are around $60+ titles like Fallout4 and Withcer3 I have spent extra money for addon content. So why ontop of all that dough should I shell out another $15 a month or whatever the fee is for PS+. I also own a WiiU and they don’t have any Sub requirement for online play. its a scam for PlayStation to make more money ontop of the ton they have and all it is doing is driving people like me from being a customer in the future. The next PS console that comes out I highly doubt I will buy. which is sad because I have been a Sony fan for so long.

(Weyrd) #92

$10 a month, $50 for a year (so just under 5 a month). They use it to keep the servers that enable online play serviced and working well.

But this isn’t the proper place to try to convince you otherwise. I was just curious.

(SolusHD) #93

Xbox has had Gold for as long as I remember. You can play single player stuff and get online content with the free silver membership but to play PVP and just general matchmaking you do need the gold membership. Personally its not a scam and they even reward you for it.

(Quil_Nye) #94

I disagree and it hurts the player base in all these games as well. One of the reasons these big games last so long is their player base. I loved playing this in Beta and wish it the best. all these extra subs just are not for me. if people don’t mind the fee more power to them but, if you think that money is just going to keeping servers up you are a fool they are banking huge on those memberships.

(SolusHD) #95

The ignorance in your statemrnt is present but understandable. You right to say that they do not use all of it for servers. And your right in saying they do pocket some. But if you have ever noticed they exclusives and timed exclusivity rights sony has been getting lately. Thats because they can now afford to do it. Xbox could afford it but the reality is they enacted a new strategy that exclusives to xbox will be microsofts and microsofts alone. Sony uses the memberships as Microsoft did the last 10 years to get the content first or just for them like with destiny. It is what feeds console wars which is bad for us because of the picking and choosing but good for the companies that provide us their service do to either bringing in new fan base overall gain or one of the many ways we choose one console over the other.

(Quil_Nye) #96

I understand what you are saying but choosing destiny as one of the games in your example was poor. Destiny has a lot of bad reviews. I could care less if PSN had destiny. I also could care less about exclusive games in general the really good games like This one for example are cross platform. go to Gamestop wallmart etc and the best selling games are on all 3 consoles. I think people are ignorant on how much servers cost to run. It isn’t cheap but its also not crazy expensive either. a very small fraction of membership goes to paying for server upkeep.

(Mattiwarden) #97

For a more relevant example, we got the open beta five days before any other platform, and they never got to play Toby. We also automatically unlock Alani when she is released, and get the first dlc for free for playing the beta on ps4.

(SolusHD) #98

Indeed you don’t realize how much money sony is actually spending to keep the edge on microsoft this round. Destiny was not a bad example as they had a huge portion of the game that Xbox players never had sure the game is mediocre to me and isnt worth my time but it is a good game to many people. Your right though with the whole Toby, Alani, and Beta thing though. It is not the first time that my group of pals swore at sony for throwing money at this stuff. It’s not cheap at all to keep getting these perks that your don’t consider.

With that said all of your free games, those lose the company a lot of money as they spend money to give those games up for free signing deals with the companies that make them. We do get a lot of small perks and cool stuff without realizing it. Keep that in mind.

(Jjand302) #99
  1. Nintendo has terrible servers in comparison.
  2. If you consider it worth spending over $300 in ingame purchases for warframe worth it because it’s fun, why don’t you consider $50 a year worth it for all the fun you get from being able to play online for so many games now?
  3. Yes multiplatform games sell the most because they have a larger customers base, but I’d say 9/10 times a really good console exclusive will blow away a really good multiplatform game. Uncharted comes to mind.
  4. I think you’re making a lot of assumptions on server costs. Yes they make more money then it costs to run servers but they do have a lot of added benefits (like getting over $1000 of games each year).
  5. If I have to pay $50 a year to play Battleborn, you’re damn right I will cause this game is frickin awesome!

Edit: I apologize if I’m coming off rude or attacking, I just don’t understand your point. It seems flawed, ignorant, and biased.

(Quil_Nye) #100

if they gave me Platinum for my warframe game monthly wouldn’t even need to be a lot it would be worth it but besides being able to play some games multiplayer there is no real benefit. yes you get discounts in PSN store sometimes for some items but majority of time its for games and tv shows movies etc… that I could care less about. if it was a discount on like GAme of thrones episodes or something that would interest me but all the really good things never get discounted I have checked repeatably because I have thought of becoming a Plus member but how it stands now its not worth it. now if I were to get the plus there is a free warframe plat 1 time offer though through the store but its not enough and its barely any plat. I can sell any prime set and make more plat then what they are offering. I do not play planet side 2 a lot but same thing would be nice to have some monthly money be given to that game as well. wouldn’t even need to be a lot and wouldn’t ruin these games in-app purchases because other games already have this model and it works. Like Boom beach phone app for example you can get free gems daily like 30+ and people still do in-app purchases. If they ever improve what players get for being members I may join at that time. I will miss this game had a blast during beta and was excited for the release and now I am just kind of bumed out. I hope you guys have some fun for me :D.

(joshuapooler) #101

Can I play offline split screen?

(stalrok) #102

from what i understand, unfortunately you do have to have playstation plus even to play offline split screeen because all character information is stored on their servers.

(SolusHD) #103

From what i understood you dont need PS+ or Xbox Live Gold to do that as its set up to play offline already so if its local i dont think you need the connection.

(Mattiwarden) #104

I think you can connect online you just can’t go into public matches. Destiny worked the same way, since it also requires you to be online to play. You could play story missions and go to social spaces, but you couldn’t do pvp or strikes (three player missions with matchmaking)

(Robosensei) #105

What are the “Digital Bonuses” included in the Digital Deluxe Edition in addition to the Firstborn Pack and Season Pass?

(Gerard HDZ) #106

The bonuses for the Digital Deluxe Edition are a “cyber” skin and taunt for Caldarius, Phoebe, Miko, Oscar Mike and Orendi; a gold character select pedestal; gold BattleBorn title on title screen; 3 Legendary Loot Packs

(Mattiwarden) #107

Will I get any of these things if I buy the season pass, or are they only for digital deluxe because I already preordered my physical copy, and I kind of like having the disc?

(Gerard HDZ) #108

That’s not yet known
One can only hope we can purchase an “upgrade” to the Deluxe edition