Frequently Asked Questions Thread

(Mattiwarden) #109

I think it would kind of make sense because all the preorder bonuses for bl2 came with Gaige if you bought her.

(Rath137) #110

So fairly simple question here hope there is an answer.
Borederlands (be loved game btw) used Shift Codes to reward long time players and just to have some fun to a lucky roll. That said will the remaining or leftover shift codes I have move to Battleborn in the future or can be used for something other than Borederlands?

(joshuatae87) #111

Just wondering what the star next to the nameplate means? Just noticed it tonight and I’ve Google all over and can’t find anything about it. Miss old paper manuals that came with games :frowning:

(Gerard HDZ) #112

It means you’re the host of a game

(Newfoundcontrol) #113

I believe Shift codes are designed to activate a specific thing. So at current, no, your old BL2 shift codes won’t work for Battleborn.

I guess a better question would be is that now that GBX has more games using Shift codes, could they come up with a way to convert a BL2 shift code to generate a code for Battleborn.

( GT Mr Caldarius ) #114

is there any way to upgrade to the delux edition i really dont want to shovel out another 80 bucks on this game just for a skin for my boy calddy but ill do it if theres no other way

(Newfoundcontrol) #115

What did you get the game for? (PS4, XBOX, PC/Steam?)

(Jjand302) #116

Amazon has it (DD) for $40 currently

(Gerard HDZ) #117

Though it’s highly unlikely that this question has been asked, I’m gonna ask it: would it be possible to have fan input on future content like taunts and skins? Like request/vote for things like color schemes or names for skins/names of taunts? I think it’d be a cool way to get the community involved with the creation of new content.

(Nathancook53) #118

My team achieved required amount of kills for Coopetition Title. 60 kilss accomplished as a team in a single match. I have the proof in my match history.
PSN MobilityWins

Someone tell why we don’t have the title now

(Kohji) #119
  • Has anyone asked about having the ability to boot " AFK " players ?

  • Kind of bites when you need X amount of people
    to stand on the pads to progress through the story, but they never move once they’ve already picked their character.

  • And also, am I the only one who has experienced constant fire damage even though I’ve only ran into it once ?

  • It stopped until it drained my HP to zero and then I was able to respawn.

  • There’s also an issue with " The Sentinel " boss…sometimes when you break the crystals on the platform, you get stuck and die, but the only way to come back is to revive since there’s no way for yourself [ if solo ] or your teammates to revive you.

  • I’m sure there’s more problems like not being able to continue a swarm of enemies because one of them was spawned somewhere that’s unreachable…like inside a box or a wall.

  • Thanks in advance for any type of information.

(Victortwin) #120

I bought the game and beat the prologue but it won’t let me go on. It keeps saying “all required content has not finished installing”

(Newfoundcontrol) #121

If you’re playing on a console, the Prologue is the first thing that loads so you can start playing/watching (lets be honest… the best part of the Prologue is the opening cinematic). If it says you’ve fully downloaded the game (not in a queue) then try closing the game and opening it again. Might just have to sync back to the server.

If on PC, I’d try reinstalling if you haven’t already and wait for the entire thing to finish installing. If that doesn’t work you’ll probably want to open a support ticket.

(Newfoundcontrol) #122

Do you remember what character you were playing as? I had something similar to this happen with Rath, but instead of still being on fire, the fire effect stopped but my controller kept vibrating as if I was on fire (no damage tick either).

I fully agree. This is annoying on The Void’s Edge. I’ve had it happen the most on that mission for some reason. (I know you have to do it in others, but people seem to AFK on that one the most for me).

(Jjand302) #123

While it does take time, they system will kick afk players if they’ve been still too long

(Kohji) #124
  • I have noticed that, but it takes so long before they get kicked that 2 or more players would leave because of this 1 D bag decided to not want to play after he / she selected a map and a character then BOOM…they died in RL. haha

  • It’s the only explanation I can think of.

(Jjand302) #125

I disagree. I think it’s a 5 minute wait to kick. Any shorter and I might not be able to answer the door during a match lol

(Kohji) #126
  • Pretty sure it was with Rath too, the animation of getting attacked by that big verelsie was displayed when I was playing another character about half way through the match, but also no damage.

  • I didn’t mind that one, it was almost like Galeleia’s fully corruption mode. Haha


I hope there will be a change for Toby lore challenge "killing on rail’’ :disappointed: that’s difficult as hell !

(guillermojbasham) #128

There are three modes announced such as Raid, devastation, Melt.