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Since this lies close to my heart and I find it unnecessary to make another thread about it:

I only just started posting but I’ve been lurking on my phone for a few weeks now. Has anyone from Gearbox already said something about lores getting changed? I really want to love Alani and Galilea more, for example, but I hate the PvP-only lores. Especially killing X an X amount of times, or Ghalt’s first blood. S&A’s “fetch” I did do, that’s not difficult, for me it just took time… However, waiting for certain characters to pop up and then be able to kill them when they’re PvP-only players and I’m a PvE-only player… Sucks. Balls. A lot.

(Natsume Ryu) #130

Yes, I think they said it’s getting dropped to 5 instead of 25 (which is far more reasonable):

(Double D) #131

Where can I report bugs/glitches?

(30% more flak) #132

A little late, but all problems with the game can be reported here: Gearbox Support

(0ojookinz0o) #133

Should battleborn has a quick Facebook stream live Feature in game so we can be more convenient to connect this game to our friend or anyone who might enjoy?

(Josephmurray01) #135

Just curious, does BB have a match making system in place or does it just randomly throw people in matches regardless of experience, win rates and stats? I recently got into the game and so far the pvp matches I’ve played, me and my brother are always on the top of the score board in every match.

(unmaking the universe with math) #136

With the games population being what it is
the game can no longer properly support it’s original MM system.
As of right now it is disabled
When the game reaches a point where MM has enough players of varied skill levels within the ELO (Battleborn’s MM system) to pull from then it can work as intended and you will be playing with players with a similar W/L ratio

(Josephmurray01) #137

That makes sense, thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

(Mayorof Earth 2) #138

How active is battleborn on PS4?

I heard that in PC it’s pretty much dead but on PS4 there’s still a decent amount of people there, can anyone confirm/clarify

(PSN ID city_of_echoes) #139

I’m normally able to find a pve/pvp match within 2-3 minutes of searching on PS4.
I’m a pretty new player myself and I’m seeing a lot of other new players too so it seems to be doing OK.

(Alex) #140

Hey how’s the community on Xbox? I’m thinking of picking it up but only if there’s still a decent sized community on there

(froz) #141

It’s really good. I find a match always between 2-5 minutes. :slight_smile:

(Whisky Tango Foxtrot) #142

Asia server is removed? i find out this in few days ago, we cant see ‘Asia East’, now we must stand high delay, even in local game mode