Fresh Borderlands Playthrough [Group Found]

Is there anyone on here willing to start a fresh borderlands playthrough in a team of 4? Don’t care which game we start on. Borderlands 2 perhaps? All different characters is preferable with mics. I would even settle for backwards compatible Borderlands 1.
GT: Noksnonsense

I will b startin a new playthru soon but my char is 72 as it was boosted

Ah. That’s fine. I just wanna play on a new game starting from level 1 with people because I’ve been getting a lot of free time lately but my friends aren’t so fortunate.

Do u have another char already

I wouldn’t mind starting over. I’m going to finish TVHM, tonight and then I Can set up a new character set up a new character.

Gt- TwistedxSniper6

No I’m just waiting for other people at level 1. Was gonna pick Maya because I like the ability to help my team and still keep up with them.

Cool! I’ll add you to my friends list. Hopefully there’s more people who can join. Who do you play mostly or plan on playing. Just for curiosity sake.

I play Gaige. I was thinking of playing the assassin or gunzerker.

Zero is abit poor guzerker is op as like i have them all maya is my favourite for sure

Both good choices. I haven’t played in such a long time so I’ll be sticking with my favorite Maya. But if I had to choose someone else I guess it’d be hellborn Krieg or axton.

If you want to join you can start as whoever. Duplicates would like to be prevented though. But if you really like them that’s fine. Hope to see you later tonight.

I think I’ll go with the gunzerker, since I barely ever see anyone playing him:

Eberybody is gunzerker lol

It’s probably because he’s so difficult to start off with. That’s how I felt when I played him on the 360 anyways.

Really? I’ve only ever seen one. I’ve seen more assassins.

Everybody has him as he is op as hell i mean i have 2 gunzerker n a zero

Who would you recommend?

Axton is good when he is made for explosive damage but salvador is also a meat tank like but i prefer me maya n gaige

Have you played Kreig? I hear mixed things about him. Some people tell me he’s good, and others say he’s absolute garbage.

Also, I saw that you were giving away stuff. If you have anything that would be good for Gaige, I would appreciate it.

Message me i have loads gt gra5er1 il inv u