Fresh’s Trade Store! A lot are FT! LF Zane Gear!

I’m looking to trade for several level 50 items that will help with my Cryo/Run and Gun Zane build.

Anointed Fire Lucians Call (SNTL, +50% bonus Cryo damage)
Anointed Laser Sploder (On ASE, +100% weapon damage)
Anointed Fire or Cryo Crossroads (SNTL, +50% bonus Cryo Damage)
Anointed Night Hawkin (SNTL, +50% bonus Cryo Damage)
Anointed Normal or Fire Lyuda (On ASE, +125% boss damage)
Anointed Transformer (SNTL, +15% movement speed)
Anointed Sprint Rough Rider with Fire res (SNTL, +15% movement speed)
Anointed Shock Recurring Hex
Cloning Ghast Call

Trading (the following are all anointed unless specified)

Breath of the Dying (On ASE, crit damage is increased)
Corrosive Kaos(Digi clone, weapon damage is increased)
Barrage (Terrified)
Carrier (Digi Clone, weapon damage is increased)
Engulfing Shredifier (Digi Clone, weapon damage Is increased)
Fire Try-Bolt (Phaseslam, weapon damage increased by 300%)
Burning Nasty Alchemist (SNTL, bonus Cryo damage)
Fire Rowan’s Call (On ASE, bonus corrosive damage)

Venomous Hornet (On ASE, bonus radiation damage)
Roisen’s Thorns (Phasecast, +250% weapon damage)
Sellout (Level 30) (Non anointed)

Oozing Scourge (On ASE, bonus corrosive damage)
Shredded Scourge (Terror)

Hellwalker (On ASE, weapon status effect damage and chance are increased)

Night Hawkin (On ASE, crit damage is increased)
Night Hawkin (Barrier, accuracy and crit hit damage are increased)
Fire Cutsman (On ASE, splash damage is increased)
Fire Cutsman (Barrier, Status effect chance is increased)
Sleeping Giant (SNTL, bonus Cryo damage)
Ten Gallon (On ASE, weapon damage is increased)

Woodblocker (On ASE, the next 2 mags have bonus corrosive damage)
Fire Lyuda (SNTL, fire rate and reload are increased)
Lyuda (Digo Clone, regen mag ammo)
Krakatoa (SNTL, bonus Cryo damage)

Executor x8 (Zane)
Infiltrator x6 (Zane)
Elementalist x3 (Amara)
Phasezerker (Amara)
+A bunch more mods for Zane

Scream of Terror (Non anointed)
Roid Ward (Terror)
Chameleon RE-Charger (Terror)

Feel free to message me here or on PSN. Please note that I’m also willing to drop some of my items for free as I need to clear some room due to being nearly full on both my stash and backpack. Thanks in advance!

PSN: Rfr3sh86

What anointment is on the Breath of the Dying?

on ASE, crit damage is increased by 25%

I have added the anointment perks with a recent edit. Feel free to message me here or on PSN. Thanks