Fresh Spawn in Borderlands


Just got the game on steam and never played borderlands 1. Looking potentially for someone who wants to enjoy the game and play with me.



Hi welcome to real Borderlands, I would love to join but I’m on PS3, but there are many people here who are playing it on Steam, so hope that you’ll find a partner to shoot&loot.


thanks man i appreciate it…

im new to borderlands 1 alone, played both bl2 and tps, but the original is a necessity to my collection of games played


Cool, don’t forget to check topics such as Beginner’s Guide to BL’s Weapon Generator, Item finds of the day, Item fail of the Day and other loot topics. Happy hunting!

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i’m available

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Whoa :open_mouth: I never would have thought…

You’ve come far…



I guess you should look over here to find actives players :wink:

Those threads are highly outdated and I haven’t updated them in a very long time. I suppose it can still be helpful but don’t assume anyone on there is active anymore.