Fresh start or import save from last gen?

What are you guys going to do?

Our group of friends agreed to make it a completely fresh start in BL2 and not import our saves.

While that obviously gives the game more replay value as we will be farming all the guns and gear again, I’m also a bit sad about all the guns and gear and the badass rank I had on my PS3, and at 900+ hours on the PS3 I’m not sure if I will ever have all that stuff again, as my gaming time is much more limited nowadays…

What are everybody’s thoughts on it? Pros? Cons? Explosions?

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I’m very tempted to port my profile over with my BAR, and then have a fresh start character-wise.

I thought about that too, but I could imagine the temptation to start using any of the old guns and gear could become irresistible in the long run…

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I suppose you always have that option as a comfort blanket,… but having thought about it a bit more, I have two level 60 characters, and several more in the mid 50’s so it would be a shame to abandon them rather than getting them up to level 70… Still, plenty of time to make my mind up I suppose!

I’m fresh starting on the PS4 (not by choice as my PS3 self destructed). But the more I think about it, the more OK I am with the idea of rebuilding all my characters from scratch. In fact, I’m pretty much doing that right now on the Xbox 360 where the only character I have at level 72 is Salvador. The rest were either level 9 or unplayed, so I’ve been working on them.


Ture @MrMatt1978, I also kinda find it a shame (especially the lost BAR) but at the same time I know importing all my stuff could potentially result in me being done with the game again much faster.
I mean the temptation… I can already see myself thinking stuff like “ok I won’t touch my old gear but I’ll use some of the helmets”, then later “ok just the few class items that took me so long to get”, or “ok just that Hide that only dropped after days of farming”, etc. etc. etc…

@AMG_75 exactly my thoughts, should be fun to loot hunt everything again. Oh nice, you’re still playing BL2 on your Xbox? I stopped to play Destiny but now I cannot wait to get on BL again with my friends and on next gen.

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100% will port it all over, not going to start over again, have way too much invested as it is.



Yeah, I have BL2 with all DLC content on both the PS3 & Xbox 360. But all my best characters are on the PS3 (RIP) so I hopped on the Xbox 360 to continue playing.

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I have both the Ps4 and Xbone; I love the Ps4 way more. Everything about it is more user friendly. That said, I have a lot of saves from the 360…torn what to do…

I really wish they had come up with a cross save option…

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I’ll import most. I might skip some of my mules, especially the ones that aren’t on my main profile. I might start new characters anyhow. But I could also just reset UVHM a couple times if I need more gameplay. I play all 6 classes, so I don’t need to extend my gameplay artificially. I’m technically not even done with most of them. I should get them to level 72 and try some op levels. Only my SAL is in OP levels.

Regarding pre sequel, I didn’t max out all classes either. My “jack” is only 58.

If I max out all classes and perfect their gear and then still feel like playing from scratch again, I can easily do that.

I’m really hoping I can get a Borderlands 4 player splitscreen group going. We’ll see if that’s viable.

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I’m looking forward to starting over from scratch but will probably import a couple of mules for the legendaries/favorites in their banks…

How does the import save work? Do you just put the disc in and it knows if you played bl2 and pre sequel? I really need to know because if that is the case im importing. My 360 was stolen during a house burglary. I had put so many hours into the game and had everything pretty much.

You need your Xbox 360/PS3 to upload your saved game into cross save feature. Then you retrieve your save on the XOne/PS4.

I’ll be starting fresh since i don’t have my ps3 anymore, but its no big deal. Its actually fun starting frash but the BA rank im gonna miss it :frowning:

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Will be importing it all to my new PS4!

Since I didn’t get BL2 for the PS3 I’ll start fresh. For TPS I’ll initially start fresh with a new character to get all the trophies again, Then I’ll import my characters from the PS3.

Hopefully I had something to do with your decision :smile: You know it makes sense. It’s a new adventure - albeit we know everything - but I’m so shitting my pants with excitement. Next week is crazy with Hardline being delivered tmow, and Bloodbourne out next week too…WTF!!! This will be you next week:


The more I think about it, the more tempted I am to start again with new characters, especially with all that I’ve learned from playing… plus I have so many characters, copying them all over will take forever and a day.


Haha mate that didn’t take you long to find my thread here.

Yeah it was your idea in the first place. And I know it’s the right thing to do, for the fun and the sake of our group.

BUT my badass rank mate. :cry:

Also you know I’ll force you to farm Terra with me until your eyes bleed and I get a new Hide, yes? :smile:

I’m super pumped too, can’t wait…


I’m importing just for the customizations. I definitely will start a whole new game with a character I haven’t played as yet. (yeah, I didn’t play the games with all characters! :stuck_out_tongue:)

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