Fresh Start Playthrough Handsome Collection XboxOne

Hello Everyone.

As we all know that borderlands 2 is a fun game, but the real enjoyment comes from playing with others!!

I am looking for 1-3 Dedicated people to do the playthrough with me!

We Do The Playthrough Together
No One Out Levels The Other (Only Get On The Character When We All On It)
No Transferring From One Character To The Other.

Mics Not Neccessary::

Do To An Echo With My Xbox One Mic That I Can’t Seem To Fix. Third-Party Voice Software (Skype, Discord, TS, CurseVoice) Will Be Used.

Any Questions. Reply Here or message me at my gamertag

GamerTag: NoConcernToYou

First Come First Serve. Thank You For Reading. Hope To Hear From You Soon.