Fridgia prefix?

(Samuraith) #1

I was curious if anyone else was having issues with getting bladed prefix on this, Ive done 3 or 4 dozen runs now trying to get this without success.

([7-28 | Celestial Harmonia]) #2

bad luck on your part.
I know the farming woes all to well. Had that often in BL2 and recently when I tried to gett a swift Shrediffier out of the grinder.

(Where's lucky?) #3

Its just a case of rng

(It's fun, Jack. It's fun for the whole family.) #4

I farmed for a bladed Fridgia for my Athena for HOURS, got nothing, gave up, a month later, building my Aurelia, not caring about melee at all, it seems every darn Fridgia has a blade. I know it’s just RNG, but grrrr.

FYI, farming the Fridgia and the 3DD1.E is a bit quicker if you approach from the Lunar Launching Station entrance instead of the Hyperion Hub entrance, in case it hadn’t occured to you.

(Rexx) #5

I was lucky and got one after about 15-20 attempts (about an hour or so). Similar effort when getting a Stopping one. Also, +1 to what x_spot said about using the LLS entrance.

(Samuraith) #6

No it actually hadnt thanks for the info.

(Samuraith) #7

Awesome that shortcut sped up my farming, finally got one.