Fridgia vs Fatale

At equal level (say, 50, for example) which is better?

Higher freeze chance of Fridgia but dayuum those crits and accuracy on Fatale…

It really depends on how you’re going to use it. Just to freeze then Fridgia (or my favorite a Cryo Taser). But if you’re using the gun not just to freeze but also to kill then Fatale is one of the best.


What is a Taser?

Oh, the Bright Spaudroon!

Um totally different purposes, you’re like trying to compare a slagga to a slag b!tch, but 30% freeze chance with a crap ton of projectiles is way better universally, also the Fridgia can do some decent damage on its own, especially with its freeze.

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Hyperion pistol. Holodome drop.

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Or round reward?


EDIT: When i google “borderlands the pre sequel cryo taser” results show a bunch of people calling the Spauldroon a taser cuz its range is so short…

Round reward…but I have seen it drop but never at level 70.

Best way to get them is to run the hollodome for a day or so.

With The Last DLC…the guns and equipment in it have made the Hollodome a MUCH easier run.

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Do you happen to know what HD round it’s a reward for?

Was the Holodome ever a hard run? Or just “hard” because you may get downed and there will be literally nobody around you cuz of the stupid arena design.


I think it was 3…maybe 4

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It’s a guaranteed reward for Digistructed Madness Round 1 (Available info on the wiki)

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This. Ophas or Gargaunts drop it as well.

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Hmmm, i should already have it a few times over.

Ill have to check.

Thanks, guys.

For Wilhelm…solo…I thought there were times when you had to be extremely careful…gargantuans spawning right next to you or behind you en mass… or a sudden spike of enemies or 2-3 oophas all at once. And the danger was what you speak about.

With a buddy…it was/is far less daunting. The Disker takes out Gargantuans FAST now…and the Absolute Zero is a beast in the Hollodome


The actual name is T4s-R if you couldn’t link 'em together.




Ive got a few of those, just none in cryo.

You can also get it from completing the Badass round. Hello dashboard farming.

A good timed slam deals with the close quarter attacks. It’s the 5 homing orbs of hell that are more of a pain in the arse.

Continuing this nascent thread derailment, do they spawn next to you, or do they go invisible and close in on you? I thought it was the latter because I’m sure I’ve seen them “cloak” or whatever.