Friend Level reverted from 57 to 43

A week ago we power level my friend under the name Mixpx via slaughterhouse 3000. We power level him from 47 - 57. He hasnt completed the main quest yet.

This week, somehow his level reverted back to 43. We are completely stunned to see some of his weapon that he picked up (sand hawk was reverted as well). You can see the image here.

So what the heck? Any explanation???

Writing this on behalf of my friend. He barely speak english.

My best guess is that his local save file got over-written by an out-of-date cloud save because this wasn’t updated properly after that levelling session (maybe the system was shut down before the sync could occur?)

My second guess would be that his local save file got corrupted while it was being updated at some point - maybe a power interruption, a game/system crash, or a force-quit. As a result, the game has tried to restore the save from an old .tmp file or be re-syncing from the cloud save.

A third possibility would be if their game file had been set to read-only during the power levelling and had never actually been saved. That can happen if antivirus or anti-ransomware software treats the save file updates as malicious activity.

Without more information, it would be hard to figure out which is the correct answer.

Your friend should check the file and folder permissions to ensure they are not read-only. After that, they can see if there is a .tmp version which can be copied and renamed that might be more up-to-date. If they have Windows incremental backups they can also right click on the folder and see if there’s a better version they can roll back to. Other options depend on whether they are using Epic or Steam, and whether or not they had the launcher’s cloud sync enabled.

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Is there anyway to revert back the save… could you guide me on where to locate the local save?

This post has a screen shot at the end showing where the BL3 save files are located:

If there is a backup it will just have a .tmp extension tacked on the end.

Make sure you make a backup copy of any file you are trying to replace/rename before doing so

If you right-click on the folder containing the save files and have Windows incremental backup enabled, you should see an option in the resulting menu to revert to an earlier version. Again, I strongly recommend making a backup copy of the entire folder in a safe place before doing this.

Note that the post I linked also shows how the Steam cloud backups are organized and enabled/disabled. Epic does things a bit differently so if your friend is on Epic instead of Steam they’d need to look that up.

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