Friendly Fire Question

So, I’m currently in the middle of my very first playthrough with Krieg, a.k.a. Mr. Blasty. Only up to level 58 as of this moment, but I’m enjoying it all.

But my question is about one of his skills, Fuel the Rampage. We all know that it causes you to receive damage from team mates. But what if, your team member was a Siren who was spec’d into Restoration?

Does Krieg receive damage or does he get healed, thereby creating a workaround for the friendly fire?


yes it is a workaround. just another reason they make a great combo

He’ll get healed, but he won’t get the cooldown reduction from taking the friendly fire. Either way, Fuel the Rampage essentially runs out of practical uses once you can get to Release the Beast.

I’ve reached the point of being able to spec into RtB. My biggest problem with it, is my awareness of my health. I may as well not have the health bar displayed, it’s that terrible.

Hopefully things will click soon.

he does give some verbal clues, usually a quote about it being time to rampage, need to heal, or something like that

Again, my awareness is bad. But also too, I’ve only got one working ear so I miss a lot if I’m not paying strict attention with minimal crowd noise both in game and out.