Friendly Kelvins Ultimate (Ice Wall) "Stunning" His Teammates!

I was playing with a Kelvin yesterday when the Kelvin decided to put up an Ice Wall between him and the enemy. Problem is, I was now left on the wrong side of the wall! This dang Kelvin left me, a poor Reyna, facing the enemy team alone! In melee range!

With no escape, since the Ice wall was blocking my retreat behind me and the enemy Montana was right in my face, I attempted to change directions. Retreat wasn’t working, so I’ll just push this Montana away and be on my merry way! But I couldn’t. I couldn’t move, I was locked in place. I was shooting the Montana, trying to run, seeing my life flash in front of my eyes. I look down. "Why can’t I move?!"
Well, you see, the Meltdown maps have these small pathways that the minions follow to the grinders. In normal play you barely notice them - they are very flat. Somehow however, this Kelvin managed to trap me between this small minion catwalk and his Ice Wall. Couldn’t take a step.

Small Toe traps, the greatest weakness of the Rogue Factions leader, Reyna Valeria herself.
Rest In Pieces, you will be missed.

Damn you Kelvin