Friendly PSA: Guaranteed Legendary Drop Location

So… I did this on Mayhem 3.

Go to the Voracious Canopy area of Eden 6

Kill the Jabbermogwai WITH A FIRE WEAPON…its in the northwest part of the map from the spawn point.

Get a guaranteed Hellfire SMG drop.

So those who dont know Hellfire was arguably the best gun in Borderlands 1, good but not as great in Borderlands 2…

Borderlands 3 version is a Dahl Full Auto SMG.

Has a very low bullet damage around (175-250) based on parts. However…

Really high Status Effect Damage…around (500-700)
Really High Fire Rate… between (11-13)
And best of all probably one of the highest status effect chances of any high fire rate weapon 23%.

Going to be testing it out on my first Amara build using Anima, Conflux to see if it’s worth it. But it did pass the Fade Away Fl4k DPS test at lvl 50 Mayhem 3.


Thanks. I believe I’m headed to that map today while playing the main story. Will be sure to get it while I’m there.

It’s not guaranteed on normal mode. Also his replicas don’t drop it. I’ve been farming for about 2 hours now. Nothing.

That’s why I said Mayhem 3 and kill it with a fire weapon.

I hear ya. I like to farm on first play through sometimes and just to see if I should bother on mayhem. Is the drop rate higher in mayhem 3?

If this works, I will reward you with a fresh baked cookie. It won’t even be raisin.

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did this maybe 10 times last night on mayhem 1 and the drop occurred every time.