Friends in game

I can’t see my PSN friends list in game.
Anyone notice that bug?


Yes. It was the same for me as well. Not sure what is going on.

Is it solved now?

Haven’t checked, can’t be assed to.

Having the same issue currently, also after about 30 seconds-1 minute of searching matchmaking I get an “Error Code 5” Tried restarting my ps4, power cycling, doing network test, renewing licenses, switching from wifi to ethernet cable and nothing seems to work

I’ve been able to be into a matchmaking. Playing with someone.
I’m also able to people who have been play with me but not my friends.

Same problem here as well, only 2 of my friends are on my list and the rest are blank

Yep, new patch erased all my friends

I laughed harder than what I should have.

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Seeing multiple people report this on facebook groups and discords as well

I have no friends in my Roster either - this “feature” makes it SUPER FUN to play co-op games like Arms Race!

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No listing of online friends at all today .
The page is literally blank :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Has anyone said when the friend list issue and in game mail will be fixed. Friends list still blank.

Even Gearbox or 2k don’t speak a word about it…

For what it’s worth I opened a ticket with them, I don’t have a lot of hope lol (they wanted me to soft reset my files and if that didn’t work reinstall the game (roll)) - I replied with a link to this conversation in this forum stating I’m not alone in this. Anyway FYI



Press square button at the ingame friends list to see recently met friends. Those you have played with should be there.

Friends are back in my game. Anyone else?

It’s intermittent for me - sometimes there, sometimes not.

Will see in the time

Well partial workaround (and thank you for it!) but I still can mail my buddy the nifty new gun with an anointment he likes to him :slight_smile:

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