Friends list Deleted to make way for Battleborn Friends

I just deleted my whole Xbox One friends list to make way for Battleborn Xbox One Friends.
My Xbox One gamertage is, Matured Manager.
I don’t play any PvP unless I got a very good reason like unlocking Lore challenges.
I do play PvE a very lot.
I have had 90% of my Gearbox forum Threads closed so if you read this add me as a Friend on Xbox One not here ok.
I use australian Hours basicy if its 6am in the USA it will be 10pm in australia.
So if your in the USA we need to find open windows of time when we are both awake.
If you do leave your Gamertag here I will add you until either this Thread gets closed or I stop coming here once the Battleborn servers go live. Yes thats right I am not using Gearbox forums after this game gose live until the next big gearbox game comes out.
If you want a friend, I’ll give you a go.

I now have 11 Xbox One friends thats more then I need.
I’m very contented.

Moved to the Xone section.

I can’t find it on the webpage navergation.
Can you please provide a link to the list of Xbox One Threads.
Thank you.

If you click the green bar above, that says ‘XB1 Co-op and online play’, you’ll be taken to that section.

Thank you very much again.
I bookmarked it.