Friends Team PLay with Headphones/Mic?

Do any of you know about TeamPlay on ACM CAMPAIGN?..I played ACM with a few Colonial Marines a few Summers ago and talked on the Headset/mic–But only for a mission or 2…I bought my son a PS3 today with ACM and a Headset/mic so when we get time…We are going to play a Friends co-op game…Just us 2…Were going to run thru the ENTIRE Campaign–My question is–If me and my Boy play(Hes at his House and im here at mine)and we play ACM campaign–How will that work???It will be just us 2 plus the NPC’s Oneil-Bella-Cruz etc…On the last mission vs the Queen–will we both be running around trying to push the eject thingys to push that Bitch out the ship?Also–Im Level 60 with ALL Upgraded weapons–He will be popping in a Brand New ACM game…So when we play co-o campaign–will I have ALL my upgraded weapons and he will have only the Basic weapons?Last question–If the ALiens kick our ass–we will need to Revive eachother right?I haven’t played Co-op campaign in a few summers…Let me know Thanks

All of that is true.

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Thanks Jake–Its Been awhile