Friends Thread for Epic

Sorry if this isn’t allowed I am just tryna make friends
Heyo! not sure if there is a thread for it but I am looking for any and all people to be a vault hunting buddy in the newest release. I have played the other games for just under 2000 hours total and with it being on epic instead of steam I would be happy for all people mostly based in OCE Australia to feel free to throw me a request <3

Epic ID: RockyMMXVI

Steam name: Rocky (level 104 i think, wont put link in just incase).

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I’m also looking for people to play BL3 on Epic, would be awesome to find any in CEST timezone.
Total playtime for all Borderlands titles around 550 hours.

Epic ID: Angel_of_Lives
Steam name: Angel (Level 91).

The platform-specific online play boards aren’t up for BL3 yet. Here is fine, I’ll try to remember to move them over in due course.