Friendship Amulet trade real quick

Hey, messed up my play through 1 of getting the friendship amulet in Tiny Tina DLC, can someone trade me theirs real quick so I can equip it for the trophy? Will give it straight back :blush:

PSN ID: Timmzy27

did you get the amulet yet?

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Nope, =/

I know for sure I kept a level 50 so if you’re 50 already let me know , psn: urban-stag.

I might have one at a lower level, will look.

I am indeed lvl 50, this amulet is all I need to equip for my last trophy of the game. =]

add me if you want to borrow it for the trophy

Is there any way I can also borrow it I need it for trophy


Add me TripleDDoogie