Friendship Raid: 10 Minions in 30 seconds while solo. Any insights?

So I keep getting this challenge in the engine room and have not been able to do it solo. It seems like if I get lucky I can run into about 7 in the allotted time. Is there a trick to getting this one done? I tried about 6 times in a row, with different characters to no avail. Help!

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Jump straight across to the opposite platform and activate one of the pads.

It’ll open up 2 minion teleporters really close to you, and you should be able to knock this one out fairly quickly.


Awesome, I’ll have to give that a try

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I was wondering about that myself. I misinterpreted where the skull icons on the map where for the initial spawns and jumped down to bottom right - big mistake. Your method sounds better. (Also, you’ll probably get some snipers spawning along the drive shaft tunnel so as long as you’re not playing a melee character…)

It’s pretty much that. Activate that pad and slaughter the enemies.

If they didn’t use the Skull Marker to indicate you have to kill exactly these enemies, maybe more people would try to activate the shard pads for more Enemy spawns…