Friendship raid story skipped ahead? (DLC 2 spoilers)

So I just had the most deeply confusing experience… I played up to the mission that first introduced Phoebe, took a break, then came back a few hours later to continue. The next mission began with a bewildering conversation between Toby and Reyna about the “Lorrian,” included lines from ISIC (who chattered as if his presence made sense, even though he’d never been introduced), featured some talk about Reyna being a “fraud” (no idea what was going on), and ended with Toby announcing there was one ship left to go…

What the heck.

Did my progression just skip missions or something? How do I go back? I kinda want to know what’s going on and not miss out on a ton of story content :confused:

Do you happen to remember how many Ops points you started with on that playthrough?

Might be jumping after joining someone else?

I know I got all mixed stories then I let my friend join… it, seems ot somehow looses track of your own progression.

I decided to clear it alone until I reach 50 OPs for starters.

Ooooh. Playing with other people, you jump to their part, but it still counts as yours apparently. After you play each once, it chooses random plot lines following that

I had 50 ops points. Because I’ve played it with various people, I’ve played the first two variations so, so many times, even as my base ops point level increases… But I can’t control where other people are in the story, and I didn’t want to play it solo ten times! :cry:

That’s…super unfortunate. Because it isn’t like Attikus’s where they’re all mildly self-contained. My pal and I did pretty much the whole thing together, but I definitely noticed back in Attikus’s that playing with other people at different levels kinda messes with your own progression.

I noticed this with DLC 1. The story you witness is based on the person with the least amount of playthroughs. So if you play it 3 times with one person, and 2 times with someone else who hadnt beat it yet, when you start off by yourself it will put you on the 6th iteration as if you had gone through all 5 scenes already. I actually missed out on 2 of the Attikus dialogues because of this, but as someone else said it wasn’t as prevalent.

Awe that sucks! I got all of them in order except for 1 that it skipped(I will never now what happens to nega Toby…) and when I beat it it put me back at the one I missed. I was stoked but after resetting the ops twice it set me back at the beginning…

Ops chapters(I guess I will call them) 8 9 and 10 are extremely awesome to showcase a serious and interesting slice into what is actually happening at the time it occurs. Gotta love an inept character that is actually incredibly dangerous and resourceful