Friendship rules trophy

question is online MP still working coz I’m having no luck with getting on and all I need is one last trophy (friendship rules) unless there’s another way to get it?

On-line MP is still active, yes. Are you trying to find random matches or connect with friends, and on what platform? Also, you do need to have the last game update and compatibility pack installed before you can do on-line MP, so check that you’re up-to-date.

Yeah everything upto date and literally just got online now but unfortunately the guy who’s hosting is just playing dead so waiting on him to return and see if he’ll help. Thanks for the response.

Ah, AF(K|C)… Yeah, that happens. There’s an on-line pay and trading section for each platform, so you could always look for partners there - usually works out better than playing with randoms (who’ll sometimes boot you just after killing the boss but before you can do anything else)