Friendship Rules

Hey guys,

The last trophy I need for my plat is Friendship Rules and none of my friends on PS3 play the game. I was wondering if anyone could spend a few moments to friend me and then join my game and let me revive them really fast for the trophy. I am on right now and will be on for the next two hours or so. Go ahead and seen me a friend invite with a message about it being for borderlands 2 trophy.

PSN is Pensato


Still on and looking for help. It only takes a few mins. Thanks

i can help you if you dont care

i sent you a request

Thanks, Was in the shower. Logging in now, if you’re still we can knock it out. If not next time.

are you still on?

No had to go to class. I’ll be on tomorrow afternoon, evening if you’re free.

im free all day

Okay pop on now.

I’ll pop on now I mean

im on now haha

ok jumping onto my ps3