Frigate survival

Dear All / Gearbox,

I’d like to highlight that Frigates are very underpowered in this game. They don’t do too much damage and they die very, very quickly in comparison to Destroyers and Cruisers.


Welcome to Homeworld 2. Where cruisers are uber, and frigates are cheap glass cannons… Oh i am sorry, you are referring to HW 1 :stuck_out_tongue: (sorry couldn’t resist that).

In the HW-RE SP campaign the frigates seem to do very well with everything, but a Heavy Cruiser. The HW1 HC’s now tear everything up in the field. The HC’s seem to have the same feel as the BC’s in HW2, and they are just as tough to take down. In the campaign we now have enemy HC’s spawn where they usually did not before, because of the dynamic difficulty scaling. In a certain mission it could end it before it begins, because of the HC’s firepower.

However in non defensive missions the sight of a HC (or 2) can be quite refreshing compared to the classic campaign. I was like “oh look, a challenge”. It also means i have to damn near rebuild my whole frigate fleet (and maybe a destroyer, or 2) after an engagement.

I am not so sure about MP. The skirmish games i played the AI never built anything bigger than a frigate.

Even Assault Frigates chew through other frigate types like they’re paper. I had 73 frigates after Bridge of Sighs, and when I got to Hiigaara I was down to 38, due to the combination of Assault Frigates and Destroyers just tearing my frigate line apart in Chapel Perilous.