Frigid Guardians and other 'weak spot' enemies

In playing and observing certain characters during The Algorithm, I have come to notice that AOEs have very wonky interaction with enemies like guardians with invincible areas (but not ISIC). For ISIC, vulnerable areas are affected if any part of a splash radius hits them. Guardians/Galactic Emperor, on the other hand, are completely unaffected unless you get a completely direct hit. This was made very evident with Benedict. It’s pretty unfun, should probs get changed for release.

Anyone else notice this or not think it should get fixed or something?

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Hmm, I don’t think it is that cut and dry. My first attempt with Orendi made it seem like every boss/enemy with a vulnerable spot took huge damage from her AoE skill even if it barely scratched them.

I still failed the mission because of a combination of: A) Being confused as fuck regarding the challenges and how the hell I was supposed to complete them solo… B) Orendi has no way to counter snipers… at all. So its suicidal charge after suicidal charge in this mission. C) Lag absolutely destroys any chance playing this game, even on solo story. Rubber banding hell. D) I didn’t know there was a time limit, and a was checking every nook and cranny for chests/items. I didn’t even make it to the last boss’s room before time ran out. E) ■■■■ whoever came up with the stand in the pad in the open to activate the fumigation gas. I’m sure it is fine if you are a tank, getting healed, or at the very least have team members; but solo? as a super squishy mage? I had to buy an assault drone for each pad to even have a chance. I mean, if you don’t want us to solo it, don’t give us the option ffs. I went in expecting a tutorial mission to learn the character, instead I get a confusing mission that repeatedly tells me I’ve failed some BS challenge and the whoops, time’s up, better luck next time. As a first impression… well… lets just say it “needs improvement.”

I’m really hoping they add a mini tutorial introduction thing for each character. The Algorithm is so not filling that role.

Those goddamn pads whilst playing solo! I hear ya…

I was very much with every single composing you have after my first attempt (i lost all my extra lives before even facing any of the bosses) but it does get better when you get the hang of the ebb and flow of combat and how/where to attack certain enemies. It’s a step learning curve without a tutorial, for sure. I found trying a few different characters til i worked out which one best suited my playstyle. I’ve since solo’d both story missions several times over without any deaths

Run around behind Geoff so he turns towards you then go stand on the pad when he’s facing the wrong way. You’ll just about have it activated by the time he’s facing you again.

That’s a good trick, didn’t think of that. The drone solution worked for me, and really it was just the one in the back that is totally exposed. After my first failed run, I went back in and finished the whole mission with a Silver rating, then got a Silver on the second mission first try. So, it did help me learn the character… it was just not what I was expecting. Still fun though. Now, once I get back home and can stop playing the world’s worst wifi, the lag issues will go away. I’ve honestly gotten better wifi performance in countries without indoor plumbing, no joke.

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Yeah, I’m really not a big fan of enemies that are 100% invincible unless crit or hit with specific kinds of attacks (that not every character even has, or at least not attached to a big cool-down). ESPECIALLY not when they have a truckload of HP on top of that! It would be one thing if we were talking a boss (like ISIC and his leg canisters) but a room-full of frequently-respawning, spongey minions, while you’re also trying to fight a boss that will run away and regenerate health if you don’t stay on top of it?

I’ve played that mission four times now and I CRINGE every time we enter the drill room, because I know it’s just going to be torturously tedious and needlessly time-consuming.

With rare exceptions (such as bosses) I think no enemy should ever have more than 90 or 95% damage resistance no matter where you hit it.


Those Ice Golem f*cks are a pain to kill unless you have something like Oscar Mike’s Incendiary Grenades. Those suckers deal full damage.

If they took reduced damage instead of being full-on immune to body blows it’d be a bit more fun to fight those guys