Frigid touch question?

I was using this skill for a while during normal mode but i never really noticed much heath regen coming from it. Is there something I’m missing like it only come from the cryo dot or what, cause even when i had it at 5/5 it still didn’t do too much as far as i could tell. Any help about this is greatly appreciated cause I’m tired of using the 3DD1.3 care packages as my only source of regaining health.

it only heals bigger chunks of health when you use a multi pellet fast firing shotgun like the bullpup or a comparable hyperion shotgun, or do sustained critical hits with a fast smg like the fatale. My main problem is, that Frigid touch doesn’t last long enough for me to be of any help.
But being the only heal skill besides magic bullet and that coop heal skill, I’d rather keep it at 3-5/5. Transfusion grenades are my main source of healing besides magic bullet most of the time.

Life steal just gets better with every level so on normal it wont be as good as in uvhm.

Also, remember it is cryo damaged base. So healing from FT is much worse at low stacks than high Avalanche stacks. Wearing a com to boost cryo damage and Avalanche will help add some healing back for you until your stacks get built up. In pt1 though prior to getting good cryo gear, it’s tough relying on FT. Vibrapulse, Hail and teslas or chucking transfusions is just necessary in some situations with her.