From a snarky PvE player, the Bot matches are a blast

I’m not drawing attention here, simply stating the facts.

I’ve been playing match after match this morning and each one has been fun.

Players are respectful, the bots are doing pretty good and the wait is very short.



I have to agree. As someone who generally avoids online PvP and has friends who disowned it entirely, we have all been having a lot of fun with the bot battles.

Personally, I hope this become a permanent thing, but I can also understand why that might not happen.


I’m glad people are enjoying bot battle. The mode is mostly intended for PvE players to try out PvP in a safe environment, so it’s clearly working as intended (although the bots themselves not).

I see all sorts of players with unusual levels (you never see anyone level 50-99 on Xbox) and lots of lore farmers. Coopetition, Old Man Cranky, and Worthy of Song, hooray! You can really only get these titles by farming kills against players who can’t possibly beat you and don’t know how to surrender… so bots, in a sense.

For a hardcore PvP player, the bot battles are painfully boring. I used them to get some titles, and I might go back for Pentastrike and Fours Sensitive (or just join a boosting lobby lol kek).

Some side concerns:

Playing melee is very difficult against bots, so some people might fall under the impression that using melee in PvP is a bad idea.

The bots do not play the game modes correctly, so player might have false expectations of what they’re supposed to do.

Unexpected positive:

All of the new and casual players are playing bot battle, so only the hardcore players are in the other queues… meaning every match I play is going to be a good game.


It’s a roll of the dice, Some Bot teams comps are very cheap and easy to over come while others can be a tough challenge if you are solo queieng. It’s too easy if you’re grouped up.

except when you eke out a win in essentially a 3v5 meltdown (where one of your three is a 2-13 toby) and you pull a WoS match to get the W.

In other words, this statement is false.

WoS outside of a stomp is exceedingly rare… and it would actually be easier in a 3v5. Fewer assists means more kills to yourself.


Why shouldn’t it be permanent? If they have to change it so you can’t earn the titles people seem so proud of, then fine. I just want to be able to complete lore challenges without being yelled at.

It should certainly last until we see what the Winter Update has in store; this seems like a really good training area to me.


I agree that it should be made permanent, but I also don’t know what data and plans they’re juggling in deciding whether or not to do so.

The complaints from PvPers (and arguments countering the complaints), the number of players being pulled from actual PvP, the number of players returning to the game, and any number of other data points will need to be taken into consideration.

Basically, I try to keep an open mind about this sort of thing. At worst, it keeps me from being overly disappointed and at best, it makes me even happier when my hopes come true.

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I’m guessing Gearbox pays some very brainy people to figure out what is challenging and what is fun.
The thing about this, from a psychology perspective is the teamwork.

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Loved it until I found out that you can only complete some lore challenges but not others.

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I’ve noticed an increase in new players on Xbox these past 5 days. specially yesterday night.

there has been an absolute tsunami of new players over the past couple of months. either that, or everybody over lvl 80 stopped playing. who knows.

There was an increase in new players over the holidays, so yes. Lots of new players.

This is something we’re considering. As you’ve seen over the last few months, we’re trying to manage the queues to best effect, balancing population per platform with content, and trying to keep things a bit fresh.

For the moment, this Bots Battle queue has an end date, but depending on how things go, I could see it being a permanent addition, especially if it draws casual players from private matches.


Is the not getting lore credit for killing x character intended?

I hate PVP and love this so I’m one casual player who will be queueing up regularly.

Was it intentional that you can’t “kill X X times?”

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If you do decide to keep the bots battle as a permanent thing (which I hope you do), it would be nice if the AI was increased some more. If having it as a public option doesn’t work, then consider at least upping the AI in the private matches or adding a choice to play against easy, moderate, or hard bots.


^ i really hope this does happen in Incursion. Only have experienced players in this mode while beginners go against bots. It’s a win-win to both sides.

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Yes! Please make it a permanent mode. Maybe incorporate it as part of the upcoming tutorials. It serves as a great training ground for new players.


…Totally :smile:

The AI on that Kelvin, wow, he got me twice today so far.

I love how aggressive and sneaky the AI is. They will try every possible way to kill you.