From a Super-fan to just a Casual-fan

I have been a fan of Gearbox since Borderlands and have purchased the series and all the DLC and absolutely loved the first game, I enjoyed the second game up until the DLC and that’s when the rollercoaster ride has made me wary of anything in the future that I buy in this series.

There is so much creativity to laud in this franchise but this goes hand in hand with the grievances I have experienced on the roll out of each game. The first game had a scaling issue which was not fixed for a long time but I was not bothered by it so much, it was a new game and there were bound to be problems. The Moxxi DLC was not my thing so much, I did play it but prefer to get story DLC. I was not purturbed by the ending of the game nor lack of story, and I was impressed with the rest of the DLC from Borderlands and I became a superfan. Gearbox could do no wrong so I preordered BL2 and the season pass. The lead up to the release of BL2 was amazing, I remember the first time I saw the causic caverns and creatures they had come up with and I was hooked.

Then Borderlands 2 came out. It was different and at first refreshingly different. The story was big this time around and this annoyed me more as time went on as I preferred the abandonees feel of the first game. But whatever. The pre-release clips showing lootsplosions scattering an epic amount of gear looked amazing but when I first encountered it the main element of colour was from eridium which was quite a disappointment. The gear I found along the way was very uninspiring. I was expecting to find some cool unique items to use but in reality what I was encountering was small variations of a few basic weapon types. Most of them uninteresting. When I did get something really cool, my spirits perked up again and felt yes this is what it is all about. Trouble was that after a few levels it was no longer any good and I was back to the generic selection again. To get a taste of the fun gear and have it last only so briefly was very different to the first. I understand that the first game gear probably lasted to long as you levelled up and they fixed this but I didn’t expect that you would go so long before finding special items that made the game feel more fun.

I finished the first playthrough of Borderlands 2 and moved onto the TVHM. The game got a lot harder all of a sudden, and it felt punishing at times. I had to go back and do side missions to over level my character to make it through. I was not having as much fun as the first playthrough but I expected that just like in Borderlands your character doesn’t get really good until you can max out you abilities so I persisted. It was a slog but I got there. The I started the ultimate vault hunter mode and holy ■■■■ has this game changed. I was getting smashed so badly, there was nowhere I could go to level up like I did with the TVHM as everywhere was too hard. I was about to rage quit the game and throw it away but then I discovered a lot of people had been using after market tools to help out. This was frowned on by Gearbox, and definitely not to be talked about in the forums but the abuse of this was widely evident everywhere from the forums to youtube where everyone suddenly had everything. I had not done this for Borderlands and I never felt I had too, the game always provided me with a pleasant and challenging playing experience. I was revived. I continued on and made it to the end of the UVHM. I have a strong feeling the aftermarket tools are what is keeping the game so alive on Steam these days.

Now when the DLC started to arrive I was like WTF … Captain Scarlett? that was so dull overall but did manage to capture a few interesting moments. Overall I felt it was the most underwhelming DLC of the franchise yet (even below Moxxi). Mr Torgue… I hated this DLC. It felt so childish at every turn. I spent the least amount of time in the DLC of all the DLC’s. Hammerlock was dull but quite challenging with the Witchdoctors. This DLC was compared to the feel of Zombie Island of Dr Ned but I reality it was nothing like it and nowhere near as good. At this point I had 3 or the 4 DLC items and I was like WTF why did I buy this season pass. This game feels like it was intentionally designed to disappoint me as time goes on. Then TTAoDK came out and finaly Gearbox had their mojo. I really enjoyed the creativity that went into that DLC and it was an excellent addition to the main game. I bought the rest of the DLC as buy that time I was so invested in the game I had to see if there was enough that I would like in the game to keep me playing for as long as I did in Borderlands. I was not a fan of Mechromancer nor Psycho however I respect them for creating characters of different playstyles to suit a wider selection of players tastes.

So by the end of all the DLC and a full playthrough with one character I was basically done with the game. Every now and then I jumped in and replayed areas for fun but nothing like I did with Borderlands. I played every character and most of them twice in Borderlands but in BL2 I played one character through, tried out Mechro and Psycho but they didn’t take and I was so unimpressed with what I experienced along the way from the day I pre-ordered it to the day I finished it. There were so many patches and any fun weaknesses found within the game that gave a moment of pleasure in a world of pain were quickly removed. By the game I finally realised what was annoying me the most, the gear. The best stuff was inaccessible for the most part, it didn’t last long when you got it and I felt the golden keys were the cause of much of this despair as they were dolled out on social media and the lack of in game gear meant having to rely on shift system in order to get some modicum of useful gear to use.

I hated the BAR … oh how I hated the BAR. Please bring back Weapons proficiencies in the next game or the option to use it at least. The BAR felt like a tacky add on, was fraught with issues and felt like I was farming for buffs. I hate farming for anything but thankfully I no longer had to.

Then came the pre-sequel. I was quite sceptical of this game as it was leaked (intentionally?) and felt like it was rushed to be finished because of that. Anyway it looked quite interesting and I though it was more like the original Borderlands. I had a lot of fun with that game, it was also quite punishingly hard with gear and at one point I resorted back to my old methods to alleviate this problem and continued on to the end. If I had not done that I would not have finished the game. I found the DLC to be quite poor and not at all worth it. I am more inclined to use one player and would prefer additional area focused DLC rather than other characters. I have a feeling that quite a number of people have been burned by the rocky release of Borderlands 2 and its DLC and that is why we saw a considerably smaller adoption of TPS and also an embarrassingly small following for Battleborn.

So here I am, hearing about BL3 (or whatever) and following on from seeing so many similar issues within Battleborn (I held back to wait and see how Battleborn turns out and I am glad I did … I didn’t buy it). I realised that it is probably in my best interests to wait it out for BL3 and get it at the end in a GOTY edition once all the DLC and patches have been released. I don’t want to suffer the same rollout disappointments as I did with BL2 and TPS. I was a superfan but now I am just a casual fan.


Like putting too much air in a balloon!

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It sounds like besides gear, a large part of your difficulty was with the harder Vault hunter modes. But that was… the whole point. They offer replayability with added difficulty to keep you engaged. And then, you didn’t mention OP8 here at all, so I presume you either didn’t try it because at that point you lost interest or it became too difficult. It was an awesome DLC IMO.
The gear thing is an interesting point. I never really dived into Borderlands 1 too much, and I hear they have some major differences that people like in different ways. Some people didn’t like one or the other, like you. But unfortunately for you, I don’t see them going back too much to how 1 was. That would be the opposite of their view of progression, and 2 sold more, so that would be a bad choice money wise. Sad to hear you didn’t like it though.

It is a harder game in TVHM (I can deal with that) It is a completely different game in UVHM. With such a small percentage actually finishing one play through in normal mode it makes you wonder just who they are catering for.

Yes I bought all the DLC. Mainly because I wanted to play in OP1 with OP8 gear. By that time I had lost interest though.

Borderlands 2 sold off of the success of Borderlands along with a pretty amazing series of teaser videos. The rocky road of patches and DLC, second season pass etc so many people were pretty peeved. I think fallout from this can be seen in the sales of TPS and even onto Battleborn.

I did like it, just not as much as Borderlands.

The really sad thing for me is that while I enjoyed Borderlands for the shooting and looting aspect I found that after a while in Borderlands 2 that I gave up on expecting to find anything special loot wise (I miss the good gear drops when you downed a badass in Borderlands) and it became more like a shooter.


Not everyone will love bl2. I feel the exact opposite about some of the things you wrote. I thought the loot, uniques, and legendarys were plentiful and unique in bl2. Between all the loot and builds, theres so much variety in bl2, pre sequel as well. I guess you just have to learn the mechanics of the game, and know how to build your characters. Before you can really see how amazing bl2 really is, and how much it offers. It took me awhile before i got hooked, and really feel in love with bl2, then the pre sequel.

Uvhm and tvhm are actually very easy. Well atleast op 0. At first i did feel the same way and thought it was way to harsh. But once i learned the game and knew what loot to use, etc etc. The game became something different.


Why even bother when you know you’re just going to be disappointed?

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Borderlands 3 will be the greatest game in the history of ever. I’ll pre-order the game and the season pass. If there’s additional content released after the original season pass content, I’ll buy that. And if the game is so popular that the fanbase will support a third set of DLC, I’ll buy that, too.

BL2 was/is awesome and insanely replayable. I’ve gotten far more than my money’s worth from all three games, and I have no reason to suspect that I won’t get my money’s worth from BL3.


*Casual-fan to super fan would be a suitable title.

I agree with you on the loot becoming useless part but while you are talking about it; here is what I did with the loot I used it 15 levels even after its expiry which was fun. 15 second - 30 sec duel at most 40 second to put down a higher lvl guy with low-level gold loot stuff. It was fun for me. And if you just sat down 2-3 hours in windshear waste for the first time you had the game read all the menus and understood all the stuff there were plenty of things to do right off the bat specially the part where badass-tokens matter I jot down the challenges and stayed there till I really killed the place x10 times knucle-dragger I killed him till I got that rare gold dhal pistol he drops, before I ever heard the voice of hammer-lock. So in short I over-killed the game.

I really didn’t like the first cast of characters in BL2. I’d play with Maya - Gaige - Krieg and lest Zero & Axton. Anyways I had time 2.5 Years to play it so day and night I was there it really turned into a world within a world having guys in your game from around everywhere. Selling loot buying loot lol I was business then due to my extended stay in the game. In fact I learned a lot of other things from it. ssshh :wink: To be honest with you " I think you missed the most vital points while you were in there.

" So by the end of all the DLC and a full playthrough with one character I was basically done with the game." - That’s no where even near the title of a newbie dude WTH ? - I was with the guys who are doing like 3 TVHM speedruns everyday. You really didn’t cranked the game as you should have.

Gearbox did a Great-job at BL2 and I have no comments for BL1 and TPS wasn’t Gearbox’s cake. I treated TPS as little cookie snack and if my friends find anything worth in TPS it was Athena.

You’r right about Battleborn. You’re right about waiting out for the end of the year. But dude when you play Borderlands games make sure you have the geekiest of guys in your team-play these games are not the type to be soloed.

Good-day ,

My feelings exactly.

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Gearbox is dead,the amount of “couldn’t care” put into the Battleborn season pass has More then proved that to me. They destroyed that game to cater to PVP only disregarding their fans that wanted to support them after BL 1&2. They don’t care anymore and now their life long fans are getting to not care either. Good night sweet Gearbox, rest in peace.

Couldn’t care? The amount of people who haven’t been paying attention amaze me. From what I’ve seen the people at Gearbox working on Battleborn care a lot about the game and about people’s enjoyment of the game. They delayed to story operations to add in content based on feedback from the players themselves as well as data they gathered which shows how people are playing the game. Story content by the way takes up more resources than versus content. It’s easier to get characters and versus maps out the door in comparison with new story levels.

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I’d like to believe that but after watching pax, I don’t think they(and a large portion of the fanbase) care about their games, Battleborn included.

Is there a stream of the PAX presentation available for the public to view?

On YouTube. I know for a fact Goth and Morning After Kill dumpstered it on YouTube, mainly because of lack of BL news and the fact GBX is still supporting Battleborn.

Imagine the anguish if gearbox stopped support for BB.

That would be extremely unreasonable, and unpopular in my opinion. And it’s probably better for Gearbox to say little about BL3 than to say something that then changes, which is common at this stage of development.

And those people calling for a HD remaster of BL 1…(which is already backwards-compatible) might want to consider how gearbox would then be accused of cashing in and also wasting time, not working on bl3. Maybe a 10th anniversary edition or something like that could work, but I don’t see much point in that.

At the moment, I don’t see any reason to have any kind of expectations about bl3, other than it’s gearbox making it, and they do it best. I personally don’t see any reason to not be optimistic about it.



That’s true but tell that to the GBX fans who want them to stop working on BB and want BL3 news. They’ll probably listen to you better because of your amazing mustache and fancy hat!

That’s not been my experience. Ever.

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But they should. Just saying.

If I really wanted my opinions to be widely appreciated, I’d try to make them more unreasonable and controversial, based on wild speculation, a sense of entitlement, and anger.


Even though Battleborn tanked in sales Gearbox are financially obligated to support it. They have committed to completing a Season Pass and must give it the focus of their attention publicly for at least the first 12 months after launch. Fans might have to wait longer and lower expectations of what that DLC will contain but they will eventually get it. Companies need to stop treating season passes like a kickstarter because when you have a situation like Battleborn that sells so few copies that you do not even cover costs then you will also sell so few season passes for content you have yet to make which means you can’t cut your losses at any point and you have to keep haemorrhaging money until the promises have been met. I am surprised Gearbox has not closed as a result of Battleborn, as The Pre Sequel sold much better and it forced a studio closure when really if they stayed open and produced more content DLC for TPS they could have established a stronger playerbase and returned more money and given Battleborn more time to work itself out before being released. I think Gearbox must have arranged some kind of behind the scenes epic promise of an amazing BL3 just to keep the doors open.