From a Super-fan to just a Casual-fan

Excuse me, but if you want a dev/company that REALLY doesn’t care, just look at Activision and the upcoming COD game. I won’t go into detail, but the community was crying out for a game that wasn’t aimed at 12 year olds, a game that went back to the roots of where COD started, a game set in the past and not some ridiculous future. Then (ok, maybe I am going into detail here) you have the utter jokes of games such as AW, Ghosts, and the God-awful Black Ops 3. Plagued with problems, balancing issues, absolutely pathetic hit-detection (what other game can you be round a corner only to die? And I don’t mean somewhat round the corner, I mean fully out of danger round the corner), unbelievable bullcrap (shoot an enemy 8 times only to have them put 3 bullets in you and kill you - unfair, and quite frankly, unacceptable), yet instead of actually bothering to fix these problems, they pump their games full of DLC. That’s “not caring” about their community or their players, that’s only caring about the amount of cash they can milk. Just look at the preorders for IW. Preorder for the beta? When Titanfall (and currently BF1) have betas that require absolutely no prerequisites? Taking the absolute piss, I think.

I’ve been on these forums for God knows how long, and the community from the Borderlands and obviously the Battleborn games have never failed to surprise me. We have people coming on to actually answer people’s questions/issues/stuff, and that really shows that GBX listen to their community. Even over on Facebook, the COD page doesn’t reply to anyone’s comments, yet Titanfall and Battlefield both do.

What I’m saying is, GBX are genuinely passionate about their games, and of course their fans, whether they be casual such as yourself, or die-hard. That is evident, and to question it is an absolute farce.


I’m not really into the politics of gbx.

I picked bl,bl2 up back on ps3 didn’t enjoy bl1 so much but bl2 as Been one of the best gaming experiences I’ve ever had, so much so I haven’t played anything else since its release. Admittedly I only had a op8 siren back on ps3, moved to thc and started my siren from scratch then gaige ran them both to op8 and had 1000s of hours of fun for around £30. Met some really good online friends through playing it, laughed till I cried in parts, helped others been helped, farmed looted and killed my hours away, and it’s never once got dull.
For me it does exactly what it says on the box and more. Sure couple the dlcs are not that interesting but ttaodk is awesome and I never get sick of playing through that. Captain scarlet =sandhawk end of argument.
For me it’s a near perfect game that as everything but most of all playability and I’m really excited and looking forward to what mayhem gbx come up with for bl3.

Rocky Release? Borderlands 2 had one of the biggest opening days on steam for any game ever, it was the biggest selling game in the history of 2k publishing…

It was a massive success


I’ve head people say this but do you have a link to show it and prove it? I know it hasn’t done the best but we don’t know the cost of development/marketing vs sales.

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I should have used the word ‘rollout’ rather than ‘release’. Launch numbers were huge for BL2 and this was following on from the massive Breakout success of Borderlands. I meant rocky in the sense that the content promised was not all well received, the second season pass was controversial given that the first season pass felt poor up until TTAoDK. WP=>BAR was a bid disappointment for a lot of fans. Forcing the use of SLAG changed the game completely in UVHM and so on. So many rage quitters, so many said FU to Gearbox and in all reality this rollout affected the numbers who came to TPS which was by all rights a good Borderlands game and fans had no reason to ignore it just because it was not from Gearbox. So much change from BL1 to BL2 so much frustration for casual players. Of course BL2 is amazing and is tuned for the most hardcore fans for their enjoyment but don’t expect the vast bulk of the fanbase to keep coming back again and again when the game is really designed for hardcore fans.

It has all been done before. The sites of Steamspy, Steamcharts both give enough data for the PC to work it all out. They give sensible numbers of purchases and active player connection to the game. Randy Pitchford did say that Battleborn cost more than BL & BL2 put together and compare that to the sales numbers and active player base for each and you can easily determine that Battleborn is the clear loser when head to head with all the Borderlands games. It is so bad infact I am surpised they didn’t go broke from Battleborn sales numbers. Once again there are three times as many playing TPS and two times as many play BL (7 years old!) than Battleborn on PC. That is pathetic for a new AAA lauded game. Honestly there is no coming back from this. There will be no Battleborn 2. If they decide to add multiplayer (not coop) and/or microtransactions to BL3 … there will be no more Gearbox.

Borderlands DLC attachment rate was one of the highest of all games of the last console generation, its DLC was considered some of the best DLC ever as a whole. I really don’t know where you got this from.

Bl2 stayed in the top 25 games on steam for years I think its still in the top 50 played. Very few if any non pvp shooters could come near its player retention. It was well known for keeping players, not loosing them.

Steamcharts is player playing at a given moment, nothing to do with sales. You made a claim it tanked financially, I was asking for proof of that. Steamcharts and spy do not show sales vs investment, no ROI at all.

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BL2 would not be doing so well if it was not for a certain “after market editor”. When that came out, bickering suddenly stopped for many people in the forums and suddenly everyone was playing with all the fancy gear.

Steamspy gives you solid sales estimates, its on their page for each game if you decide to even look. The single fact that there are currently consistently 2x more players in Borderlands and 16x more players in Borderlands 2 than there in Battleborn a game which Randy Pitchford himself said cost more than BL & BL2 combined is more than enough to indicate the game has tanked oh so badly. You don’t need ROI or internal sales vs investments as you say to know they are in dire straits because of this game.

Again do you have anything to back that up? People in the forums are less than 10% of the player base. IMO Borderlands 2 was the best selling game in 2k history because it was a great game, and the DLC is regarded as some of the best dlc out there as well as had some of the best attachment rate because it was good.

It’s pretty hard to say a game that was a massive critical and commercial success was bad if you ask me. Maybe subjectively you it wasn’t for you but it was for most people.

For maybe 1 of the 3 platforms it was sold on and we know that Steam sales were lower than xbox and pc. So with the number from steamspy of 279,210 copies sold, and we know it did better on both consoles, and one did better than the other, lets say each platform beat the other by 20% (I don’t know what to use) 335,052 for one console and 402,062. If that is the case we are looking at 1,016,324 copies at a very rough estimate. It could be higher since we saw reports of it being the number one selling game on console for a few months. Then you have to try and figure out DLC and microtransations profits and find out how much gearbox spent on it to see an ROI so far. But even with that the game is still selling and they are still spending money on it, so its too early to tell if it will be profitable or not, or if it will have a healthy return.

Thats kinda my point there are a lot of factors we don’t know, I don’t know if it did well enough financially yet, so I’m not going to claim it either way.

But if you are going to claim it failed, can you please show proof instead of just speculating.


But once I learned slag*
Fixed it for ya


No thats not what i meant. I don’t play at op 8. And at op 0 you dont even really need slag. Bl2 is so much more than learning slag. Even though yea, it helped when I first did ultimate vault hunter mode back in 2013.

Sorry, I was kidding around. As someone who plays Maya and can’t casually put out huge damage, it was pretty much a necessity. And I’ve heard great things about the Grog Nozzle when dual wielded with… anything else really

Really? Maya is one of the easiest not to use slag with. At op 0 it gets to easy sometimes for me. And ill turn it up to op 2 using 72 gear still. She can kill with almost any weapon really good. Its just about learning the mechanics i guess. Also using weapons that will synergies with her mods and skills. She and axton are the two of the best rounded characters in my opinion.

Oh, well I played mostly with a full group of Krieg, Sal, and another differently specced Sal, so I’m just used to things taking a while unless they were slagged if I was alone

Come on man that’s just silly it was a huge success on consoles too. Consoles don’t have the modding software you speak of.

The game is successful in itself no modding software suddenly made the game great. In fact I would personally find this kind of behavior to be negative to the enjoyment of the game, most people don’t like cheaters.

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Oh holy f@ck. Lol this must be sarcasm?

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