From an Iron Bear Player, Thanks Gearbox!

Well, now Iron Bear gets 8.4x Moze base health. This means with a shield that boost you health by 50% Iron Bear will have over 100k Armor.

If you get the most optimal shield you can get this much Armor.

Edit - This also grants 36k Shield


How does it hold up in action? (Nowhere near that level myself yet and still figuring out build stuff along the way!)

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Doesnt matter when your still shooting paper airplanes for damage on any end game activity.

It holds up fine once you get over 50k Health. The buff makes it even easier to hit that amount without having to invest so much into boosting Moze’s health. It leaves a lot more room to run different shields and artifacts with different perks to increase iron bears damage output.


What are good ways you’ve found to boost damage output? Knowing what to keep an eye out for would be great. Got a mule dedicated to IB gear.

There isn’t any way to buffhis damage output, bar the 25% skill for dual wielding and the grenades with +%35 damage.

I mean i just don’t know how this got past testing…

Oh wait… silly me THERE WAS NO TESTING!

This buff was helpful. Obviously, more buffs are needed, but at least it’s something.

I’ve been using the Rail Gun with Capacitive Armature (the Brainstormer effect) and it’s pretty good at deleting shields in Mayhem 3 (something the Hex is now struggling with when not specced into Demo Woman) and with the increased HP you have time to get a few shots in.

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But you could do more without entering IB.

IB should be a temp buff of massive damage and tanking. I just don’t get how this ever got past testing…

And there in lies the fault… I thought they would test it before launch…

i dont see a point of making iron bear tank when u cant kill a single enemy in endgame id prefer to kill the enemies with moze rather then just moving around with the iron bear and do nothing.

I loved it up until MH3 / TVHM - then I was FORCED into a new build cos demo woman / IB build just did nothing.

I honestly cannot see how any employee went “This is fine! No issues here”

Actually I can. I can imagine what an horrendous culture it must be to work for someone like Pitchford, attacking people physically, blow outs on twitter etc Imagine working for the guy and saying “This isn’t right, we need to work on this more” and him going ape over it. Wouldn’t be out of character at all.

i too loved iron bear in normal mode couldnt wait for the cool down to get into iron bear and just melt the enemies sadly no one from gearbox have ever gone into mayhem 3 and used iron bear to actually see how useless it is…

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The health is great and all…but it needs more damage. I’d personally give it additional damage per mayhem multiplier. That would be enough. Plus, when they keep doing stuff like buffing the Jericho, even if they go a little overboard with buffing the damage, who cares? There’s a million broken weapon-skill-class mod, etc combos that are blatantly overpowered anyhow. A timed “Kill all the mobs and do meh vs Bosses” button would be a minor offense, at best.